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Today I’m going to give you a few tips about article marketing SEO.

When you write an article, you want to target a specific keyword phrase in order to get traffic.  Optimizing for one phrase is much better than for multiple phrases because it is laser targeted, which is what the search engines want.

Another article marketing SEO tip is to make sure that you have the proper keyword density for your targeted keyword phrase.  You should use your keyword between 2 to 5 percent throughout the article.

The next article marketing SEO tip would be to create high quality backlinks to your articles so that they can show up in the search engines.  A great ninja trick is to create videos on sites like YouTube and point links to your articles.  YouTube is a high PR website and you’ll get some link love from Google!

There are many more tips that I could give you on article marketing SEO but it would take a book, which I’m still working on right now.  It’s called Article Gladiator and it will be out soon.  Below is a quick snapshot of it.

If you have a great article marketing SEO tip, leave it in the comments below…

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 Article Marketing 2 Comments

Make Money with Article Marketing

The other day I was having a conversation with another online marketer and he told me that he is making major changes to his business.  This guy (who will remain nameless because I don’t have permission to reveal his name so I’ll call him Mr. X) said that many of his blog readers don’t believe that you can still make money online with article marketing.  They believe that it’s too slow or that its time has passed.

First of all this is simply not true.  Not only can you make money with article marketing but in my opinion it is one of the few ways that will still be around after other ways have run their course and died out.  Why, because the internet does now and always will need good quality content.  I am placing a big emphasis on the words good and quality, not junk!

It is my firm belief that article marketing will be around in some shape or form for as long as the internet exists.  The biggest problem with people thinking that you can’t make money with article marketing is that they don’t have any patience.  That is why you have recently seen a huge increase of $37 products popping up all over the place on sites like Clickbank.

These products promise wealth exploiting some kind of loophole or miracle software that will run on your computer or on a cloud server and will make you money while you sleep!  Crazy huh?  Yeah, well you get what you pay for…

What you really need is something that I wrote about on a previous blog post and that is to have an article marketing plan that you are willing to implement and stick to with some real consistency.

At the beginning of this year I considered releasing a new course on how to make money with article marketing, and now after conversing with Mr. X I have decided that I need to go ahead and complete it.  I know that my free methods are timeless and I will also put some tricks in there that will make you feel like you just took some article steroid pills!

For now just know that to make money with article marketing is all about consistency and stick-to-itiveness.  When I release my product “Article Gladiator” it won’t be a fad product.  It will be like the quality posts that you see on this very blog and I am going to try to help as many people as I possibly can.

Do you think that you can make money with article marketing?  Let me know by leaving a comment in the comments section.


Monday, December 20th, 2010 Article Marketing 1 Comment

Does Article Marketing Still Work?

I have been seeing many people on the web lately asking if article marketing still works.  I would have to say that it would depend on the results that you are looking for and the purpose.

Here is what I mean.  If you are article marketing strictly to gain traffic to your website or blog, it will take you a lot of time and a considerable amount of articles in order to get a decent amount of traffic to your site.

If you are using this method as a backlinking strategy, you can gain a lot of good backlinks from high page rank (PR) sites.  This will help your site rank in the major search engines where you can get a lot of good organic traffic.

The best thing that you can do when article marketing is to be consistent because the steady feed of work will grow your site over time, making it a permanent fixture on the net.

When all of this is done, you will definitely see the financial reward in the end.  If you want this site to be a long-term sustainable business, than slow and steady wins the race…

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Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 Article Marketing 2 Comments
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