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What Type of Online Business Do You Want?

When I talk with people that want to make money online they usually say that they want to make it but are unsure how.

Before you begin to create your online empire, you need to know what it is that you want to do.  There are a lot of different ways to make money online but here are 4 main ways for you to choose from in the areas of niche marketing:

  1. The Adsense only model.  This is where you build websites with the intent of making money when people that arrive at your website click on Google ads for which you share in the revenue.
  2. The product owner model.  Here you will create your own digital products to sell.  They will be downloadable; such as an ebook or software.
  3. The digital affiliate model.  With this model you will promote other people’s digital products for an affiliate commission for every sale that is made through your affiliate link.  Usually this is done by creating a website that recommends a particular product or reviews many different products within the same niche.
  4. The physical affiliate model.  In this model you will do that same thing that you do as a digital affiliate but with physical affiliate products.  You can promote physical products through networks like Amazon and Commission Junction.

It’s important that you pick something that you are interested in and stick to it because you might not see instant success.  In fact, most people won’t make any money in the beginning.  The journey is different for everyone but if you realize that you are going to have to pay your dues, you will probably see some success and that will give you the drive to get to where you want to be.

The number 1 thing that I see with people that end up quitting is that they don’t understand that making your first $1 online is more important than making your first $1,000 online.

Making your first $1 should break through your belief barrier that making money online is possible and now what you must do is scale your activities into a real business.  Focus on the system that made that $1 and the next thing you know you will be pulling down a phenomenal income online…

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing 4 Comments

Good Affiliate EPC?

There is a lot of Internet Marketing terminology out there and today I’m going to focus on one in particular; EPC.

EPC stands for earnings-per-click.  It is the monetary amount that people will earn for each visitor that they send to a particular website.

The formula is just to take the total amount of money that you made, and divide it by the total amount of visitors that you sent to that offer.  The total will give you the offer’s EPC.

Why is this figure important?

It’s not just important, it’s vital!  It is important if you are a product owner because the higher this number is, the more affiliates that you will attract to promote your products.  If an affiliate sees that you have an EPC of $2.00, they will rush to promote your offers because they know that all they have to do is send traffic and they’ll make a lot of money!  What this does for you is huge.  More and more affiliates will promote your offers, which will greatly reduce your advertising costs and you’ll make even more money.

From the standpoint of an affiliate, you need to find good affiliate offers with a high EPC so that you won’t waste your advertising budget or your time getting a website to the top of the search engines for a particular offer that doesn’t have a good ROI (Return on Investment).  Even with free traffic your time is still worth money…

So in conclusion, find good offers to promote by finding out their EPC beforehand and make sure that their offers are offered by a reputable business that is already successful.  Then you can be relatively sure that you can trust that their EPC is not fabricated because trust me, a companies EPC gets inflated more often than the affiliate marketing industry would like to admit.


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Affiliate Marketing Backstab?

When people set out online to make some money, they usually start out as an affiliate marketer because it would be hard to begin with your own product.

There is a very dark side to affiliate marketing that most aren’t aware of.  Some unscrupulous product owners will steal your initial commission without you even knowing it.

As an affiliate your job is to send qualified targeted traffic to products in exchange for a commission when a sale is made by the product owner.  Since you are new to the game though, you might not know some of the tricks that are out there.

There are a lot of tricks that are done but today I’m going to turn you on to one easy but costly one.  That trick is what I call “domain switching.”  This is where you begin sending traffic to say a Clickbank product to see if it converts.  The vendor has a lead capture (email opt-in) form on the page in order to gather potential prospects and get them to come back if they don’t buy on their first time visiting the page.

This is a normal practice since it takes about 7 points of contact sometimes before people decide to buy.  Now this is what you need to do and what to watch for.  Before you ever begin to promote a product, opt into many different lists and track their email sales process.  You want to do this with more than one product because if you don’t like their emails or if they are an underhanded vendor, you won’t have to start all over again.  It’s a big time-saver.

When you get the emails from the different vendors, save them to a designated folder in your email account and watch the domain that they send you to.  The first part of the domain name should match-up exactly to the domain name of your initial affiliate link in front of the dot com.

For Example: www.MakeMyCarRight.com (not a real affiliate domain name) is the initial domain name where you are sending people.  Then in the email series that you begin receiving, you see the domain name: www.RightForMyCar.com.  9 times out of 10, when the vendor changed domain names, your affiliate tracking cookie is not being tracked on that new domain and you won’t get credit for the sale if one of the people that you sent to that vendor happens to purchase later when they begin receiving the emails.  Remember how I talked about multiple points of contact earlier in this post?

So do your due diligence because it will save you some time and/or money if you do.


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Easy Click Commissions Scam Alert!

I have done posts on these push button scam products on Clickbank before but this is the first one “Easy Click Commissions” that I have done where it is being processed through the Plimus network.

Easy Click Commissions scam alert people!  I’ll give it to this guy on the video though because he is a much better actor than most that I see.  Check him out below where he pretends to make fun of other people that fake income proof.

Easy Click Commissions Scam

In my opinion, he is laughing because they are going to make a ton of money from this Easy Click Commissions scam and that is even after refunds.

He goes on to tell you about the same things that they all say in these sales videos.  He even contradicts himself by talking about how the other videos put down gurus but then turns around and does it himself by the end of the video!

The makers of this six clicks to make money software (not $37 but $49 this time) is probably selling on the Plimus network to process their orders because it is harder to figure out that they are lying when they say that only 289 units are available.  It is easy to see that they are lying when they say that on a Clickbank product because of the gravity stat (Clickbank gravity shows how many affiliates have made at least 1 sale of a product within the last week).  When you see Internet Marketing products hitting well over one thousand gravity, it is impossible to have a cutoff of only a few hundred units sold.  Get what I’m saying?

Do yourself a favor.  If you see the Easy Click Commissions scam come your way; click away and save your money.  If you could make $272,000 in affiliate commissions in only one month with a traffic source called “The Black River,” would you share it with the world for $49?  I don’t think so…  The money that you would make using the product yourself would far exceed that amount that you would make only selling 289 copies.  Hint, hint!  That is another alarm bell that should be going off in your head right now.

The guys that created the Easy Click Commissions scam are a bit smarter because they are using Plimus to process their orders and it is harder to track their sales but don’t fall for it.  This Easy Click Commissions scam product is just like the ones on Clickbank.

There is no easy point and click way to success.  It not only takes hard work and smart work but working right.  I first heard this from James Malinchak a bit ago and it made perfect sense.  It basically goes like this: You can be doing something the wrong way and not getting the results that you want.  No matter how hard or smart you work at something if you are still doing it wrong you won’t succeed.  You have to work at something the right way and that is the key to success.

My point to this post is simple; no software exists for $37, $47 or $49 that will make you a fortune.  The Easy Click Commissions scam software certainly won’t do it for you.  Do the work the right way and you will succeed…


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How to Write a Product Review

If you are an affiliate marketer online, chances are that you will need to know how to write a product review.

One of the hardest things about being an affiliate is picking the right product to promote.  How do you know which product to promote?  There are many ways to go about this but one thing is for sure; you will have to test many different products across many different niches in order to know what converts into sales.

If you were to ask most successful affiliates about how to write a product review they will tell you to buy the product in order to review it from an inside prospective.  That way the potential customer will see that you have actual experience with the product and are more likely to buy through your link.

There is one big problem when you get started as an affiliate marketer.  Most people don’t have the money to buy every product that they want to try and promote.  So how do you get around this?  Some say to ask the product owner for a review copy but if you are a new affiliate and don’t have a big email mailing list that you can mail to, more than likely you won’t be paid any attention by the product owner.

How to write a product review if you can’t afford to buy all of the products that you are testing and the product owner won’t give you a review copy?  You get honest reviews from customers of the product to use on your website.

It is possible to do this with both digital and physical products but if you are promoting Amazon physical products it is very easy.  With digital products you can find honest product reviews through forums.  With Amazon products the reviews are right there for everyone to see.  Just pick products with a lot of good reviews and talk about those actual customer reviews in your review of the product.  Now you have just become the reporter and not the reviewer but this method is extremely effective.  Just make sure to state that the reviews are from actual customers and not from you.

There you have it; that is how to write a product review without having to buy the product.  If you have ideas or comments, leave them below.


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