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March Madness for the Warrior Forum?

To my surprise the Warrior Forum is celebrating March Madness!

If you don’t know anything about the traditional celebration of March Madness, it is for the men’s NCAA college basketball tournament.

While I love basketball, the Warrior Forum celebrating their own version of March Madness is absolutely great for Internet Marketers!

For all of the month of March the owner of Warrior Plus, Mike Lantz, announced that all of the features are FREE!  That means that there will be absolutely no fees charged for listings upfront, backend costs or even transaction charges.

What this means is that you will only be charged for your Warrior Special Offer (WSO) listing of $40, and not the additional $20 plus transaction fees for Warrior Plus.  Not only that but if you are an affiliate through Warrior Plus you won’t be charged the monthly $4 fee.

There is even more to Mike’s announcement.  There will also be changes coming to the Warrior Plus affiliate platform.  Many of the changes are what are already available at JV Zoo.

Soon Warrior Plus will be able to split payments between sellers and affiliates automatically.  As it stands right now the system alternates payments; first to the seller and then to the affiliate.  This isn’t too good for the affiliate because if only one sale is made it goes to the seller and the affiliate gets nothing for his or her effort.

Another thing is the ability for the main system to issue refunds on your behalf from your PayPal account.  This is good because people requesting refunds can do so and it can be done in a timely manner, which helps lower complaints being lodged through PayPal.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.  There will be many more features that will make everyone’s life easier and they are coming soon.

I think that March Madness for the Warrior Forum is a great idea and I hope that Mike Lantz keeps it going for many years to come.


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Affiliate Marketing Platform for Free

Recently I have been hearing a lot of great things about a new affiliate marketing platform that is instant and free.  It is called JV Zoo.

This platform is similar to the one over at the Warrior Forum called Warrior Plus but it is free to use, while there is a monthly charge for Warrior Plus.

While Warrior Plus is the chosen affiliate platform that the Warrior Forum uses for Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s), JV Zoo’s platform has some other advantages other than just cost.

JV Zoo has PayPal instant adaptive payments that are simultaneous to both vendors and affiliates.  What this means is that both the vendor and affiliate will get paid their respective commissions instant and simultaneously.

Other affiliate marketing platforms like Warrior Plus alternate payments to affiliates when the split is 50/50.  That means that the affiliate will get paid on every other sale as opposed to getting paid on every sale.  If you only make one sale you get paid nothing or if you make three sales you only get paid for the middle/second sale.  Most affiliates would agree that is not so fair.

Another good feature that JV Zoo has is that you can be an affiliate or vendor direct from their site if you don’t have a website of your own.  You can even use them on the Warrior Forum as well.

The Warrior Forum has a feature that is called WSO of the Day (WSOTD).  If you get WSOTD the owner of Warrior Plus, Mike Lantz, will send out an email to their massive list announcing your product.  JV Zoo also has this feature as well.

To summarize, if you are looking for a good affiliate marketing platform to launch your product on, JV Zoo is definitely worth taking a look at from both the affiliate and vendor prospective.


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Is There A New Clickbank?

Recently I’ve been hearing that there is a new place where affiliate marketers are going as an alternative or additional income source to Clickbank.

This place has been around for years but in the recession that we’re in it has now taken off like a rocket!  Affiliates love it because it is much easier to sell products and services there because the traffic is internal, unlike Clickbank.

So what is this new Internet Marketing Mecca?  It is the Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is a place where people go to learn the ins and outs of Internet Marketing.  But what is more incredible is that it has a section called the warriors special offers section or WSO for short.  This is where any forum member can pay a small fee to post their product for sale.

WSO’s must be priced below your normal price if you are selling it elsewhere and it must be your own product and not PLR (Private Label Rights).  It is very common to see WSO’s that teach you how to make money online priced at only $7.  Some will begin at a certain price and are run as a dime sale where the price increases after every sale or every few sales.

By about now you are probably thinking that $7 isn’t very much to make off of a product that you’ve poured your blood sweat and tears into but you would be wrong.  WSO’s that start out this low can easily make into the thousands in only a few short hours but that’s not it.  You now own an asset, the buyers list!

With a buyers list you can now promote other people’s WSO’s through the Warrior Forums WSO Pro Affiliate Program.  Like Clickbank it’s free to be an affiliate and with a buyers list you can make a lot of money.

The Warrior Forum is now making millions of dollars per month and there is talk that it will be the new Clickbank.  Be sure to check it out for yourself because the information that you can learn there is extremely valuable and the money that you can make there is substantial…

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Gears of War 3?

I know what you might be thinking right now and that’s, “what does an Internet Marketing blog have to do with the video game Gears of War 3?”

The answer is that Gears of War 3 is coming out on the 20th of this month and it is a physical product that you can promote through affiliate networks like Amazon.

Although Amazon only pays a small affiliate commission of only a few percent as compared to the average of 50% or more that other digital product networks pay, you can still make some good money on sheer volume.

I checked the overall volume for the Gears of War 3 keyword phrase and globally it is over a million!  Now that is a whole lot of interest in this game.

All you need to do if you don’t have an email mailing list is to create a website/blog around a related keyword.  Go to the Google Keyword Tool and get some ideas.

If you have never heard of this method, a lot of people refer to it as the Google Sniper method.  The method was created by a young Internet Marketer by the name of George Brown.  That product literally made him a millionaire by the ripe old age of 19!  Crazy but true…

On your WordPress blog you need to review the game along with affiliate links to it within your 300 to 600 word articles.  3 to 5 articles should do the trick.

If you hate writing articles, you can either outsource it or go the video route.  You can speak your article in your video.  What a lot of people don’t know is that Google uses their speech recognition software on YouTube; so they know what you are talking about in your videos.  That is how they can create closed caption and use translation for both the hearing impaired and others that don’t speak your language.  Just make sure to put your cloaked or redirected affiliate link in the description box and tell viewers to click it for more information at the end of your video.

There is quite a bit that I left out of this short affiliate marketing post on Gears of War 3 but if you know anything about this subject, you’ll get some good ideas on what to do.

Now go fourth and profit.  This game is going to make a ton of money.  Just look at the last Call of Duty, it made something crazy like 600 million dollars in its first day or something.  So go out there and get your piece of Gears of War 3…


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Google Shopping As Research?

I know the title is strange but you really can use Google Shopping as research.

First of all you are probably wondering what Google Shopping is?  It is where Google shows you the hottest physical products selling out there right now.

What I am going to do in this post is show you how to use Google Shopping as a research tool to find great products to promote as an affiliate.

Below is a screenshot of Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Picture

It is similar to Amazon’s best sellers’ category but even simpler to get ideas on the best physical products to promote as an affiliate.

Like Amazon, Google has a massive database of hot selling products.  All you have to do is start searching.

Don’t think that you have to be an Amazon affiliate to promote physical products.  There are tons of other large networks out there to choose from like; Commission Junction, Share A Sale, Market Health and many others…

In the physical product promotion game you need to pick products that are higher priced because in many cases the commissions are lower since the products are physical.  Just remember not to be put off by the high price because despite what you might hear in the media, people are still spending money.  So go out there and get your piece of this multibillion dollar a year pie!

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