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Today I’m going to give you a few tips about article marketing SEO.

When you write an article, you want to target a specific keyword phrase in order to get traffic.  Optimizing for one phrase is much better than for multiple phrases because it is laser targeted, which is what the search engines want.

Another article marketing SEO tip is to make sure that you have the proper keyword density for your targeted keyword phrase.  You should use your keyword between 2 to 5 percent throughout the article.

The next article marketing SEO tip would be to create high quality backlinks to your articles so that they can show up in the search engines.  A great ninja trick is to create videos on sites like YouTube and point links to your articles.  YouTube is a high PR website and you’ll get some link love from Google!

There are many more tips that I could give you on article marketing SEO but it would take a book, which I’m still working on right now.  It’s called Article Gladiator and it will be out soon.  Below is a quick snapshot of it.

If you have a great article marketing SEO tip, leave it in the comments below…

Article Gladiator Ebook


Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 Article Marketing

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Article marketing is a buzz term at the moment since everybody knows that if you know how to write articles then you can make money writing content not only for your own website but also for those of others. Never have article ghost writers been in greater demand for articles used in website promotion…And why is this?


It’s because the Internet will always need content.

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