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Another Push Button Clickbank Product With A Twist?

I’m sorry, but another push button Clickbank product was released recently that has a really funny twist!  It’s called Stripped Down Profits [ATTENTION: You will not see me promoting a product like this unless I purchased it and for some crazy reason it actually worked!].  I wrote a post on this a while back called The Thirty Seven Dollar Rash that better explains my position on these types of products.

This time this is a story of how a former stripper named Haley Milano blackmailed an underground programmer into giving her an automated software program that made her over $682,000 in only 90 days.  Haley claims that she is now a millionaire and has made so much easy money with the software that she now wants to give back.  She says that she no longer needs money and is coming out with her own clothing accessory line in 2012.

That’s Haley pictured below.

Haley Milano Picture

Now first of all, why on earth would you trust someone that blackmailed another person into giving up something of great value?  I don’t know about you but integrity means a lot to me and I wouldn’t want to gain a fortune that way.

Second of all, if you really could just click one single button and bring in money from 9 different income streams, I probably never would have gotten around to starting this blog.  It’s not that I don’t want to help people the way that I do now; it’s just that I would be living it up so much that I wouldn’t have time to write.  LOL!

Third, this is her own story that she lived right?  So why is it so blatantly obvious that she is reading from a teleprompter or something?

The moral of this story is to not get caught up in the hype of all of these newly released Clickbank products that promise instant wealth at the click of a button.  What the copywriters of these products are doing is preying on people’s need for an instant solution to their financial problems.  It is so sad but it’s true!

So the next time that you see one of these products released, don’t buy it.  Just watch the video for its entertainment value and laugh your butt off.

What’s the funniest sales video that you have ever seen?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 Internet Marketing

13 Comments to Another Push Button Clickbank Product With A Twist?

It is SO nice to see honesty like this. Several people who have tried to dissuade folks from the loss of money on this have posted in an advice thread on advicenators.com (See link above) and I would think it would be good to add a link to your post there.

I agree that the video is hilarious. Should win a razzie for worst leading actress in a comedy. ;-)

Nothing QUITE like admitting to enough felony crimes to put you away until you are 80, right?

Here is your thought to ponder: Why is this SO much easier to see through when a woman does it? I have watched similar videos for similar products, and if I didn’t know the underlying principle was bogus, I would be swayed by the pitch. This one: I think my first LOL moment can in the first 60 seconds and it only went down-hill from there.

Wish I had saved a copy of the video to my machine for later viewing.

I couldn’t have put the situation better myself. This made me chuckle quite a lot. The lengths of deception people will go to and jeopardize their image in order to make a quick buck. Karma comes back to get ya anyway. Good stuff Mr. Peete! Enjoying the blog a lot :-)

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