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Free Method to Make Money Tomorrow

I subscribe to a lot of email lists to stay in touch with what’s going on in the Internet Marketing industry.

Yesterday I got an email from a fellow Skype marketing buddy of mine from the Warrior Forum by the name of Fuad Tolieb.

He is a great guy from the Netherlands and I loved what he had to say and thought that it would be good to pass on to my readers.

Below is the actual email that he sent:

—–Fuad’s Email—–

There are a few things you can do in life without any risks but trying to make money online or become active in Internet Marketing in general definitely has its risks..

Knowing these risks will put you on higher ground overlooking your competitors. Why? Not because risks should act as motivation to NOT take action, but because knowing risks can give you ideas on how to plan accordingly and prevent possible failures.

One of the risks in this game is to lose money by investing in opportunities, programs, coaching or resources. This is a risk that always comes true but to some strange people like me, it is welcome at all times because it will give us more insight on what does and doesn’t work.

So what do you need to avoid at all costs? The answer is.. Never spend money on anything if you’re not sure it will make you money!

A while ago, I tried to help a cousin out because he lost his job and needed money fast. I wrote him an email with the emphasis on 1 specific method he could implement as soon as he wanted and works like a charm.

What was this method?

Well, when people come online and try to make money, they forget that the local industry of an average city produces more profits than the entire internet!

What does this mean? It means that the most leads are out there in the offline world, not online!

So here’s what the method I gave to my cousin was based on; OFFLINE MEMBERSHIPS

More specifically, offline SPORTS memberships. Memberships people have at Golf Clubs, Fishing Clubs, Gyms, Fighting clubs and many more! This could easily be expanded to memberships outside the health and sports niche.

Those kind of clubs sometimes have thousands and thousands of members all making use of their membership and trying to achieve something but need help doing it.

So here’s what I told my cousin to do in steps:

1. Go to Clickbank and match an offer with a Sports Club that offers memberships

2. Apply as an affiliate and get your affiliate link

3. Buy a new domain name and cloak/mask your affiliate link so that your new domain redirects to your affiliate link

4. Copy and paste the sales letter of the CB offer, edit the sales letter by deleting the buy buttons and replace it with your cloacked affiliate link and then print it out. Also, try to bundle it so its easy to read for people. Then, try to make a couple of simple A4 print with a few bullet points and a call to action for people to check your affiliate link.

5. Check the yellow pages (he used the Dutch version) and make a list of all the clubs in your region or city that matches your offer.

6. Do NOT call them, visit them and try to ask for the manager or the person who has authority to make decisions.

7. Tell them you have a complimentary and zero risk opportunity for them to make more money and provide their members with value. Tell them you are an associate/affiliate to a successful online program teaching XYZ which most of their members would be interested in. Tell them that all they have to do is put the sales letter bundles somewhere in their club where people can see it and hang up the A4 flyers for people to see.

Then, whenever a member goes to that affiliate link (which a LOT of people will do) and buys the program, the club gets credited for the sale (you can give them half of your commissions but just mention the amount they will earn) and you will update them with stats every week and pay them with either checks, bank wires or Paypal payments.

Then its very important that you tell them they can decide how long they want the promo material to be displayed in their club. Once they start to earn money, they will make sure to keep it on display until they believe its no longer relevant.

8. Visit as many clubs as you can for all sorts of offers and niches. Keep persistent and maintain your relationships with them. By doing this, you can update the offers and afford to invest money into making the promo material more professional

My cousin did this and kept closing deals till he had around 63 clubs in multiple cities display his promo material. He made and still makes an above average income by doing that part time.

So, if you are tight on cash and need to make money fast than I HIGHLY suggest you implement the above steps. Its not hard, it just takes consistency and determination.

You can start tomorrow if you want to and start earning the same week, sky is the limit, no scratch that, space is the limit!


Fuad Tolieb

—–End of Fuad’s Email—–

I hope that his email is some good food for thought but even more importantly, some good food for taking action!


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