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Affiliate Marketing Platform for Free

Recently I have been hearing a lot of great things about a new affiliate marketing platform that is instant and free.  It is called JV Zoo.

This platform is similar to the one over at the Warrior Forum called Warrior Plus but it is free to use, while there is a monthly charge for Warrior Plus.

While Warrior Plus is the chosen affiliate platform that the Warrior Forum uses for Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s), JV Zoo’s platform has some other advantages other than just cost.

JV Zoo has PayPal instant adaptive payments that are simultaneous to both vendors and affiliates.  What this means is that both the vendor and affiliate will get paid their respective commissions instant and simultaneously.

Other affiliate marketing platforms like Warrior Plus alternate payments to affiliates when the split is 50/50.  That means that the affiliate will get paid on every other sale as opposed to getting paid on every sale.  If you only make one sale you get paid nothing or if you make three sales you only get paid for the middle/second sale.  Most affiliates would agree that is not so fair.

Another good feature that JV Zoo has is that you can be an affiliate or vendor direct from their site if you don’t have a website of your own.  You can even use them on the Warrior Forum as well.

The Warrior Forum has a feature that is called WSO of the Day (WSOTD).  If you get WSOTD the owner of Warrior Plus, Mike Lantz, will send out an email to their massive list announcing your product.  JV Zoo also has this feature as well.

To summarize, if you are looking for a good affiliate marketing platform to launch your product on, JV Zoo is definitely worth taking a look at from both the affiliate and vendor prospective.


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