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How Sunscreen Relates To Internet Marketing?

I know that is a pretty crazy title but watch the video below and things will become clearer.

There are more life lessons in that video than I can count but one hit me the hardest overall.  Do the absolute best in life with what you have been given and you can’t help but to succeed…


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The Death of Webinars?

Could the death of webinars be right around the corner?  Frankly it depends on the niche.  In the Internet Marketing niche people tend to wear out quickly with the latest things because once one marketer discovers something that works well, they tell others and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

In other niches like knitting, basket weaving, etc., it takes a bit more time to become saturated and the prospects won’t usually see the onslaught of every marketer blasting their email boxes with tons of emails.  So outside of IM webinars are still working as well as ever.

On the other hand, some of my fellow marketers have seen a slight drop in webinar attendance in recent months.  This is probably because people have caught on that there will be a pitch at the end of the webinar for a product or service.

Having a pitch at the end of your webinar isn’t a bad thing (after all we do have to make a living) you just have to make sure that the content that is on the webinar is extremely solid.  People that attend need to really learn something that they can use because if you give them something great for free they will be more inclined to buy something from you now or later.

One good thing to do is to give away something of real value on live webinars in order to boost your live attendance.  Live attendance is beginning to drop because people feel that they can just catch the replay.  Replays are great but nothing beats the excitement of something live!

So the death of webinars might be a bit premature but if we don’t continue to learn and improve as marketers, we might see the death of our profits…


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Ramp It Up!

Ramp it up is terminology that I heard a few years ago from a prominent marketer that made millions offline with postcards.

You don’t have to be an offline marketer to ramp it up.  You can do the same thing online as well.

To ramp it up simply means to take something that is working and scale it bigger and bigger until you are either satisfied or it can’t be scaled any further.

The best thing to do when you want to ramp up a campaign is to have a clear plan of action.

An example of this is something that I’m working on right now.  I intend to create a test campaign using a brand new traffic source that I found out about from one of my mastermind friends a few weeks ago.

First I will test out the traffic with a small amount of money like $100.  Then once I get some data back from that campaign, I’ll tweak it and test some more.  The key is to try and become profitable with your campaigns through good tracking.

Once you find a campaign that is profitable through testing and tracking you would then begin to ramp it up using the campaign profits so that you are never out of pocket.

From here all you need to do is rinse and repeat.  So my $100 turns into $125, then into $175.  Remember to keep testing and tweaking along the way, which we call optimizing.

Now you are at $250, then $500!  What you want to do at this point is to multiply your efforts by creating and duplicating more similar campaigns.  You also want to do this with more traffic sources that provide a similar type of traffic.

Let’s say you are now at $1,000 per month with the 1st campaign.  The easiest thing to do is to duplicate that campaign over at another similar traffic provider but you still need to test and tweak because no two traffic sources are just alike.

Once you have tested and tweaked again with a few new traffic sources, you could easily be at $4,000 per month with only one campaign.  Then seek out four more campaigns within the same niche that are similar and systematically add them until you get similar results with them.

You could easily turn that $100 into a $20,000 per month business.  All you have to do is test, tweak and then ramp it up…


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Banned by Facebook?

At first glance at the title of this post you probably thought to yourself that I was talking about your standard run of the mill Facebook account getting banned, and you’re right!

You see, every person or company is supposed to have a personal Facebook account and then you add a fan page to the account.  So if you lose your fan page, the possibility does exist that you could also lose your entire Facebook account if they feel you are doing things that are against their Terms of Service (TOS).

An example of this is with a mastermind of people that I speak with on a regular basis.  We talk about different social media tactics that are working and also things that are not.

With Facebook you have two primary routes that you can take to build a following and ultimately make money.  Both of these methods use the “Like” button but work differently to build an audience.

The first tactic is to grow an organic following using the free method.  This method takes longer and that’s why it’s free.  You spread the word socially about your fan page to people that are interested in what you have by getting people to click the “Like” button.

Getting people to click the “Like” button will get your message in front of potentially thousands and even millions of people.  It works because each person that likes something automatically shares it with all of their friends, and then when one or more of those people likes something it gets put into the news feed of all of that person’s friends.  This keeps going because most people hang out with the same type of people that like similar things.  That’s how your page can spread virally.

The second method is the paid method and is much faster but it costs money but this is where the Facebook ban can come into play.  A lot of people don’t read the Facebook TOS and that can get you into trouble.

Like Google, Facebook is beginning to crack down on advertisers that are creating a bad experience for their users.  If you do things that are misleading or unethical, they not only will not approve your ad but they can ban you from Facebook all together.  I’ve seen this happen to many of the people in my mastermind and it sucks!

The key with paid Facebook advertising is to get people to click on the “Like” button in your ad so that they can be added to your fan page.  That way all of their friends can see that one of their friends likes something and your fan page can begin to grow organically and for free after the initial advertising push.

The moral to this post is to read the Facebook TOS thoroughly because they can reject just your ad, reject your ad and remove your fan page or ban you from Facebook altogether.  The TOS is very important so take the time to study it if you plan to make money using Facebook.

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