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Most Important Thing About Copywriting?

Copywriting is an integral part of any sales process.  It really doesn’t matter if your sales process is online, offline, in print or in person.  Copywriting is crucial to the success of the sales process.

You probably think that copywriting is limited to words on a page but it’s not.  It is even in the words that people are told to say working for an employer in a department store.  This form of copywriting is called the store’s policy and procedures.

It is the store’s policy to ask you if you need shoes with the new outfit that you are about to buy.  That is an upsell to make the company more money.  If you just look you can find this type of thing everywhere…

But when you are selling something online using direct response methods, the most important thing that you can do in your copywriting is to tell a story.

Storytelling is probably the most used and profitable method that you see today.  It has been around since selling began.

The art of telling a good story can greatly increase the likelihood of someone making a purchase of what you are selling because people love a good story that they can relate too.  That is why you hear the phrase “I’m a lot like you” a lot.  You want people to become enthralled in the story by picturing their own similar occurrences in their lives.

A great copywriting story can come in many different forms.  You no longer need to just tell your story in print.  You can tell your story by way of audio broadcasts, full video, etc.  It is the message within the story that will get people to buy, not how the story is delivered.

Lastly, the latest and greatest way to use your copywriting story is on a live webinar.  Right now webinars are the hottest thing going.  They convert prospects into buyers higher than any other form of electronic delivery method.

I’ve seen webinars convert as high as 40 percent and I have a couple of Internet Marketing buddies that say they’ve converted at as much as 60 percent!

So be sure and use a good relevant story to sell your product or services because storytelling in your copywriting is king.


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