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The Death of Google Buzz?

That’s right, Google Buzz is dead or retiring as Google likes to call it.  This is something that I knew would happen when I wrote about it in a previous post.

Google says that in a few weeks you will no longer be able to create any new posts.  You will be able to access posts you’ve made in the past by either viewing it on your Google profile or by downloading using Google Takeout.

You see, even the biggest search engine in the world isn’t perfect when it comes to the brave new world of Social Media.  But I called it a little bit ago because Google hasn’t faired so well in the Social Media space.  Just look at what happened after they acquired MySpace, need I say more…

I guess we will have to see how well they do with the new Google Plus.  They know that Facebook continues to grow at an astounding rate, now over 800 million users at this point in time, and they have stated publicly that they are their biggest competition.

There was another post that I wrote where I talked about how Facebook wants to make it to where people kids that are growing up today won’t even know the difference between Facebook and the Internet.  That is probably why Google is trying so hard to create a Social Media rival because if that happens, they will lose their stranglehold on Internet search traffic.

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Most Important Thing About Copywriting?

Copywriting is an integral part of any sales process.  It really doesn’t matter if your sales process is online, offline, in print or in person.  Copywriting is crucial to the success of the sales process.

You probably think that copywriting is limited to words on a page but it’s not.  It is even in the words that people are told to say working for an employer in a department store.  This form of copywriting is called the store’s policy and procedures.

It is the store’s policy to ask you if you need shoes with the new outfit that you are about to buy.  That is an upsell to make the company more money.  If you just look you can find this type of thing everywhere…

But when you are selling something online using direct response methods, the most important thing that you can do in your copywriting is to tell a story.

Storytelling is probably the most used and profitable method that you see today.  It has been around since selling began.

The art of telling a good story can greatly increase the likelihood of someone making a purchase of what you are selling because people love a good story that they can relate too.  That is why you hear the phrase “I’m a lot like you” a lot.  You want people to become enthralled in the story by picturing their own similar occurrences in their lives.

A great copywriting story can come in many different forms.  You no longer need to just tell your story in print.  You can tell your story by way of audio broadcasts, full video, etc.  It is the message within the story that will get people to buy, not how the story is delivered.

Lastly, the latest and greatest way to use your copywriting story is on a live webinar.  Right now webinars are the hottest thing going.  They convert prospects into buyers higher than any other form of electronic delivery method.

I’ve seen webinars convert as high as 40 percent and I have a couple of Internet Marketing buddies that say they’ve converted at as much as 60 percent!

So be sure and use a good relevant story to sell your product or services because storytelling in your copywriting is king.


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Write It Down?

Write it down?  Write what down?  What you want of course…

I talk to people all of the time about writing things down.  No, not what you need to get at the grocery store.  I’m talking about your goals, hopes and dreams.

I don’t know why people don’t do this more.  I’m guessing that they feel a bit hokey doing it but that is just because they don’t understand the process.  Is this you?  Just thinking about doing this exercise makes the hair on your arms stand up a bit or give you that tingling sensation throughout your body that you feel when you feel funny about doing something that makes you a little uncomfortable?

We all feel that way in the beginning.  What you have to understand is that the reason you are feeling this way is because of your programming.  That’s right, programming!

Why do you think that a high ninety something percent of people never have any real success and die virtually broke?  It’s their programming that begins at birth by the very people that will end up dying with no money or achieving any real success.

There is good news!  You don’t have to accept the programming that you have been given.  You can break the cycle but you must begin to think differently than the masses and even more importantly be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

You see, comfort is a strange thing.  It stops you from trying to do better.  Sure, you will want to do better than you are but being comfortable will paralyze you from trying because it is very easy to be lazy and become complacent in your ways.

So if you have a goal that you really want to achieve write it down, focus on it and most of all, become uncomfortable…


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Make Money with Virtual Business Cards

I know that a lot of people by now have heard about mobile marketing if you are anywhere in the online business world, but have you heard about virtual business cards.

Virtual business cards are a great and interesting way to collect leads for your business.  It is so different and cutting edge that it really catches people’s attention.

Just imagine if you were at a business conference and people ask you for your business card.  All you would have to do is ask them if they have a cell phone, which everyone does.  Then you tell them to text the word “businesscard” to 77257 (this is not a real text short code – example only) and they will get your business card virtually.

Not only will the person be impressed that you don’t have to carry business cards, they will want to know how they can do the same!  Even better, you now have them on your mobile text list so that you can contact them via text messaging over and over again.

Any business professional will want to know how you set this up, and that’s when you tell them that you are in the business of creating mobile business cards for businesses and give them your rates.

A common amount to charge for this service is about $197 per month for up to 2,000 people on a text message list, and a one-time setup fee of $297.  Most people that I know that provide this service for businesses like restaurants and such will include 1 text message blast per week as a part of the monthly package plus about $20 for each additional unscheduled text blast.

When it comes to choosing a company that provides the SMS service, be sure not to use one that delivers the texts via SMTP.  The reason is that all of the major mobile phone carriers block these types of providers because the messages utilize an email platform to deliver the messages.  With email come spam and many other problems that the major carriers don’t want to deal with.

The best thing about this money maker is that you should be able to find companies that will only charge you less than a hundred dollars to provide this service per client and you then pocket the rest!  Not too shabby of a business model is it?


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