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What Is An NDA Webinar?

Last week I attended my first Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) webinar.  It was held by a fellow Internet Marketer, Trey Smith.  While I cannot go over the contents of the webinar, I think that Trey was very smart to have people sign an NDA so that this information doesn’t get out to the general public.

Some people were saying that if they were Trey they wouldn’t have even held an NDA webinar since mostly all of the people on it are Internet Marketers.  I feel that it really doesn’t matter because only like 1% or so of people actually do anything with information that they come into contact with; even when they pay a lot of money for it.

What I can say is that Trey revealed a clear cut plan of how he will make about $100,000 per month with iPhone Apps within the next 6 to 8 months.  I’m here to tell you, it is solid!  He is so certain that he will reach this goal that he is not planning to do any further Internet Marketing and will focus on Apps full-time.

Until I seen Trey’s plan, I didn’t think that you could spend a small amount of money like a few grand and build a multimillion dollar App business but you can!  In the webinar he talks about how an established company executive said that you couldn’t get in for less than a hundred grand but Trey proves him wrong.

During the webinar I commented that Trey just might become a billionaire with ideas like this and I’m not even sure that he even realizes it.  He talked about companies that were bought out for hundreds of millions of dollars but I say what about the ones that were bought out for over a billion!  That’s why I say that he might end up a billionaire…

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Secure Facebook Fan Pages

If you have a Facebook Fan Page you might have heard that as of October 1st, 2011 you will need to make sure that it is secured with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate.

An SSL Certificate is how web servers and web browsers communicate securely.  It is the “https” instead of just the “http” in front of the web address where a website is located.

Why is this important?  It is important because the “s” symbolizes that a website is secure.  You will find this mostly when you log into a website that performs a business transaction or that contains sensitive information; like banking information.

Now Facebook is requiring everyone that has a fan page, AKA a business page, to use an SSL.  One of the biggest reasons is to weed out scammers and hackers.

Facebook wants to protect its users with SSL because fan/business pages use iFrames to display its content to their users.  An iFrame is like an open window that is placed on one website where you can see and do things on a completely different website without ever leaving the first website.

So on the 1st of October, Facebook will require all of their “Pages” to use SSL on them so that their users will have a better chance at an improved experience.

It would seem that this step will bring them one step closer to their ultimate goal for their over 750 million users to never have to leave Facebook.

I recently heard something that I couldn’t believe in the beginning but now it doesn’t seem so absurd.  That is that Facebook will one day have users (children growing up right now) that will think that the Internet is Facebook because you will be able to do everything from your account without ever having to leave…

One thing is for sure; Facebook is trying to make sure that they will remain a dominant force in social media for the long haul and not die out like Myspace did.

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Gears of War 3?

I know what you might be thinking right now and that’s, “what does an Internet Marketing blog have to do with the video game Gears of War 3?”

The answer is that Gears of War 3 is coming out on the 20th of this month and it is a physical product that you can promote through affiliate networks like Amazon.

Although Amazon only pays a small affiliate commission of only a few percent as compared to the average of 50% or more that other digital product networks pay, you can still make some good money on sheer volume.

I checked the overall volume for the Gears of War 3 keyword phrase and globally it is over a million!  Now that is a whole lot of interest in this game.

All you need to do if you don’t have an email mailing list is to create a website/blog around a related keyword.  Go to the Google Keyword Tool and get some ideas.

If you have never heard of this method, a lot of people refer to it as the Google Sniper method.  The method was created by a young Internet Marketer by the name of George Brown.  That product literally made him a millionaire by the ripe old age of 19!  Crazy but true…

On your WordPress blog you need to review the game along with affiliate links to it within your 300 to 600 word articles.  3 to 5 articles should do the trick.

If you hate writing articles, you can either outsource it or go the video route.  You can speak your article in your video.  What a lot of people don’t know is that Google uses their speech recognition software on YouTube; so they know what you are talking about in your videos.  That is how they can create closed caption and use translation for both the hearing impaired and others that don’t speak your language.  Just make sure to put your cloaked or redirected affiliate link in the description box and tell viewers to click it for more information at the end of your video.

There is quite a bit that I left out of this short affiliate marketing post on Gears of War 3 but if you know anything about this subject, you’ll get some good ideas on what to do.

Now go fourth and profit.  This game is going to make a ton of money.  Just look at the last Call of Duty, it made something crazy like 600 million dollars in its first day or something.  So go out there and get your piece of Gears of War 3…


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How To Stay In PayPal’s Good Graces

I heard from another Internet Marketer, who shall remain nameless since I didn’t get his permission to tell his story, that PayPal finally released more than twenty grand of his money after a sixty day hold.

You see, there are liabilities that PayPal has to lookout for to protect themselves that most people don’t know about.  We as entrepreneurs might not like them but we definitely need to know that they are there and understand them.

Here are a few of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to using PayPal as your payment processor.

1. Never take all of the money out of your PayPal account.

The reason: When you withdraw all of the money out of your PayPal account they can’t recoup the money if someone does a chargeback with their credit card company, which they can do for up to six whole months.

2. Soon as you begin making money online, form a business entity.

The reason: With a legal business entity like a corporation or LLC you are far less likely to be fraudulent in the eyes of PayPal.  This is because you must file a legal tax identification number with the government, which is called an EIN (Employer Identification Number).  People with just a personal premier account doing business under a Social Security Number don’t look as secure and professional to them the way that a real business does.  They could be on the hook for a lot of money if you up and disappear.

3. Be sure to have a professional looking business website to show them with all of the proper disclaimers in place.

The reason: PayPal needs to see that you are a real business and not some scammer with a one page sales letter with the goal of collecting money.  The site needs to look very corporate (AKA – boring) and business to business.  They don’t like the Internet Marketing niche because it has been deemed as high risk due to all of the scammers out there.  You need this site before you ever start making any worth while sales.

That’s it!  You should now be armed with some information that will help you navigate the waters that will help you stay in the good graces with PayPal.

Like anything, you should always have a backup merchant account for your products and services.  If for some reason PayPal shuts you down, you can quickly shift to your other merchant account without damaging your businesses ability to accept payments and make money.

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