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Google Shopping As Research?

I know the title is strange but you really can use Google Shopping as research.

First of all you are probably wondering what Google Shopping is?  It is where Google shows you the hottest physical products selling out there right now.

What I am going to do in this post is show you how to use Google Shopping as a research tool to find great products to promote as an affiliate.

Below is a screenshot of Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Picture

It is similar to Amazon’s best sellers’ category but even simpler to get ideas on the best physical products to promote as an affiliate.

Like Amazon, Google has a massive database of hot selling products.  All you have to do is start searching.

Don’t think that you have to be an Amazon affiliate to promote physical products.  There are tons of other large networks out there to choose from like; Commission Junction, Share A Sale, Market Health and many others…

In the physical product promotion game you need to pick products that are higher priced because in many cases the commissions are lower since the products are physical.  Just remember not to be put off by the high price because despite what you might hear in the media, people are still spending money.  So go out there and get your piece of this multibillion dollar a year pie!

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Never Pay For Solo Ads?

That’s right!  You should never pay for a solo email mailing.

The reason that I am saying this is because if you pay someone with a big email list for a solo mailing you just might lose all of your money without gaining anything in return.

Here’s why…

If you pay for a solo mailing to a list of 30,000 people and only 1,000 people actually open your email but only 150 people actually click on your link that takes them to whatever offer you have, you now only have 150 chances to make a sale or get an optin.  That’s not very good.

What you should be paying for are clicks and not the mailing.  Paying for the click just means that you have a standing agreement with the email list owner that he/she will deliver a certain amount of clicks and not just a mailing.

It is the clicks that can make you money, not the mailing.  Clicks mean traffic to your website.  People opening the emails won’t get you traffic; they must click on the link in order to see your offer so always keep that in mind.

I hope that this post has been of service to you if you were thinking of paying for a solo mailing to someone else’s email list.


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Guru YouTube Account Termination?

A couple of days ago I saw a blog post by ultra guru and super affiliate, Jeff Johnson.  In this post Jeff goes over how YouTube terminated his main account because someone in the YouTube community complained.

He is very upset and rightfully so because that account had over a million views on it and now it is just gone bye-bye…  Jeff talked about how he went over the Google, oh did I say Google; I mean YouTube’s (LOL since Google owns YouTube) account policies with a fine tooth comb and couldn’t see why he was shut down.

Sorry Jeff, I know that you are a guru and all but compared to Google and YouTube you are just a very small squirrel trying to get a nut; though I hate to say it…

You see I believe that we Internet Marketers have been placed in Google’s crosshairs and we will now begin to see more and more of us picked off one-by-one.

The reason why is simple: Google views the IM niche as Get-Rich-Quick!

In my opinion, they are trying to weed us out because they believe that the average person will not succeed when trying to make money online and they’re probably right.  I wish that they weren’t but they probably are.

One good indication of this is something that I recently heard from Frank Kern, and that is that he is shocked that more people don’t want to learn more about mindset.  You see Frank did a survey where thousands of people responded and just like the other surveys that he has done in the past, one of the least requested things that people want to learn about is mindset.  Frank said that he is still going to teach it indirectly because it is actually the most important thing that people need to learn; even if they don’t realize it.

What I’m getting at is this: YouTube and Google are going to “protect us” whether we like it or not!  They think, like the Government, that people are dumb and don’t know any better and in some cases they are right but not in all cases.

Why do I have this point of view?  I feel this way because even the great guru Frank Kern keeps trying to get people to understand that mindset is the most important thing but they won’t even listen to him.  People want what they want and that is just that.

So good luck getting your YouTube account reinstated Jeff Johnson; you’re going to need it…

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Video Marketing Surprise?

Many people think that you have to have a breakout video with millions of views in order to make any decent money online.  Well I’m here to tell you that it simply isn’t true.

I know some super affiliates that are killing it making a mid to high five figures each and every month using video marketing.  I’m sure that you probably already know but what you probably didn’t know is that some get traffic to their money sites by what I call “video volume” and not by creating a few viral videos.

It is easier to use a volume technique than it is to create a viral video that gets seen by millions.  The concept is simple; make a whole lot of videos instead of just a few because it is far easier than trying to make lightning strike in the same place twice!

Now on the surface you might think that cranking out a tremendous amount of videos is hard and time consuming and you’re right.  That is why you need some good software to reduce the workload.  At the moment I am trying out some software but I cannot recommend it yet because my testing isn’t complete.  When my testing is complete I will most likely post my results here.

The point is that you can’t wait on a viral video to do its thing and make you a lot of money.  Be proactive and create a ton of videos that each get a little bit of traffic.  When you use the video volume method you will create an avalanche of traffic to your money sites because they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on autopilot.

This is not something that I see being talked about a lot in Internet Marketing circles but the people that are doing it are out there silently crushing it!

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