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Can You Take A Punch?

When you read the title of this post you are probably thinking; “what does this have to do with Internet Marketing?”  Well I’m here to tell you that it has everything to do with it!

I was speaking with a family member the other day and we got to talking about lemmings as they relate to people.  If you don’t know, they are small rodents that will follow each other to their death during migration.

Many times you will here people refer to other people as lemmings because they believe them to be followers that can’t think for themselves.  That brings me to the point of why I asked if you could take a punch on and Internet Marketing blog.

While talking to my family member we began talking about lemmings and that led to a motivational story about a monk.  Now forgive me for not knowing how this story goes but I’ve never heard the actual version before so I will wing it.

The Story

A man approaches a wise monk and asks; “Which way to prosperity?”  The monk would just point and reply; “That way.”  The man then proceeded in the direction that the monk pointed.

Some time later the man returned to the monk and said; “I went the way that you told me and all I received was a smack!”  Again the man asked; “Which way to prosperity?”  Again the monk pointed and replied; “That way.”  Just like the first time the man then proceeded in the direction that the monk pointed.

Again the man returned with the same story that all he received when he went in the direction that the monk pointed was a smack!

The Moral of the Story

People want prosperity but are unwilling to take a SMACK, AKA a punch!  In life we are all told to follow what society tells us by getting a job, retiring broke or close to it and die.

Remember the lemmings?  They follow what the rest of them do; even if it is to their deaths.  A true Internet Marketing entrepreneur will endure that smack that the monk was talking about and keep moving forward.  About 97% of all people turn back when they feel the pain of that SMACK and never ever see prosperity…

So I’ll ask you again; can you take a punch?


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