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Get Off The Nail?

Get off the nail?  I know that is a funny title but it is so right!  Below I’ve posted a video by the great Les Brown.  Pardon the pun but he nails human nature when he describes a dog.

Just watch the video below and all will become clear.  The video is number 1 of 6.  When the 1st video finishes, you’ll see “Les Brown (2 of 6)” and when that video finishes (3 of 6) and so on.  I couldn’t stop watching until I finished all 6, which only takes about an hour.  Be sure to leave a comment about just how relevant the information is still to this day!


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How To Get Free Website Traffic

If you are just getting started and want to know how to get free website traffic, I am going to give you one fast surefire method.

This method is one that will blow your mind because I’m not going to tell you to use Social Media Tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  This free website traffic method works extremely well and is very underground.

The method is ghostwriting for super affiliates.  You see most all super affiliates have followings and subsequently run blogs with newsletters.  You can just Google your niche + blog, your niche + powered by wordpress, inurl:jvblog, inurl:jv-blog, “jv leaderboard” etc.  Also you can go to sites like JVNotifyPro.com to find super affiliates by looking at who has committed to participate in the most recent launches.  Trust me, all of these people can send you tons of free website traffic.

Next what you need to do is to create a high quality 10 to 15 page pdf report (OpenOffice.org has free software that you can use to create reports in the pdf format) about a hot topic within your niche but there is a twist!  The twist is that you’re going to ghostwrite the report; meaning that you will include the super affiliate’s photo and name as the author.

At first you might feel like you are doing a lot of work and someone will get all of the credit but don’t.  Remember to keep your eye on the prize; free website traffic.  Because you helped a super affiliate with something that they always need, fresh new content, most of them will help you in return.  They might send you free website traffic by way of a blast to their email list or mention you in their newsletter.  I recommend that you send them to a squeeze page where you give them something for free so that you can build a quality list.

People that I have told this method to always want to know where to find the high quality content that will go into their reports, and that is actually easy.  Just do a search in Google to find forums (your niche + forum) within your niche and check out the hottest topics with the most activity.  There you will not only find the questions, but also the answers as well.

So when it comes to great, high quality and free website traffic you can’t miss with this method…



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Can You Take A Punch?

When you read the title of this post you are probably thinking; “what does this have to do with Internet Marketing?”  Well I’m here to tell you that it has everything to do with it!

I was speaking with a family member the other day and we got to talking about lemmings as they relate to people.  If you don’t know, they are small rodents that will follow each other to their death during migration.

Many times you will here people refer to other people as lemmings because they believe them to be followers that can’t think for themselves.  That brings me to the point of why I asked if you could take a punch on and Internet Marketing blog.

While talking to my family member we began talking about lemmings and that led to a motivational story about a monk.  Now forgive me for not knowing how this story goes but I’ve never heard the actual version before so I will wing it.

The Story

A man approaches a wise monk and asks; “Which way to prosperity?”  The monk would just point and reply; “That way.”  The man then proceeded in the direction that the monk pointed.

Some time later the man returned to the monk and said; “I went the way that you told me and all I received was a smack!”  Again the man asked; “Which way to prosperity?”  Again the monk pointed and replied; “That way.”  Just like the first time the man then proceeded in the direction that the monk pointed.

Again the man returned with the same story that all he received when he went in the direction that the monk pointed was a smack!

The Moral of the Story

People want prosperity but are unwilling to take a SMACK, AKA a punch!  In life we are all told to follow what society tells us by getting a job, retiring broke or close to it and die.

Remember the lemmings?  They follow what the rest of them do; even if it is to their deaths.  A true Internet Marketing entrepreneur will endure that smack that the monk was talking about and keep moving forward.  About 97% of all people turn back when they feel the pain of that SMACK and never ever see prosperity…

So I’ll ask you again; can you take a punch?


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Facebook Marketing Tips

Here are a few Facebook marketing tips that will help you get a very low cost-per-click (CPC).  Before we get started, I have to say that I must give all of the credit for these tips to my friend Mr. FBX.

Facebook Marketing Tips – Tip #1

If you have ever used pay-per-click (PPC) you are probably used to always setting up your campaigns using PPC instead of cost-per-metric (CPM).  For those of you that don’t know, CPM means cost per 1,000 impressions.  In the PPC world you must really know your metrics before you ever go near CPM or you could lose your shirt even more so than with PPC.  With CPM you pay when your ad is seen 1,000 times, whether people click on your ad or not!

Unlike Google and other search engines the better way to go is CPM because you will get a much lower CPC because you are going for “Likes” and not sales.  Sales will come after you build your Facebook fans up to a good amount of people.

Facebook Marketing Tips – Tip #2

Most people can’t help but to go crazy with targeting when setting up a Facebook ad campaign.  They try to get a bigger and bigger reach (the amount of people that will see their display ad) because they think that will increase their chances of a successful campaign.

Stop!  Putting in a lot of Facebook likes into your campaign will hurt, not help it.  You need to only put in one targeted like into your campaign.  I know that it is tempting to put in more when you see the reach grow each time that you do it but don’t; it will only hurt your campaign’s performance.

Facebook Marketing Tips – Tip #3

In search marketing you would put in a lot of countries in order to get lots of traffic to your offers, but you want to do the exact opposite within the Facebook ad platform.

When using Facebook ads, you only want to choose one country and that’s it!  If you put in lots of countries it will hurt your campaign and ultimately increase your CPC.

If you use the tips that I’ve just outlined here, you can actually get clicks for a penny or even less!  So if you’re planning on using the Facebook ad platform, try these tips out and you’ll be amazed how well they work.


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Google Speech Recognition for Search

Have you seen Google’s new speech recognition for search?  It is pretty good, though you still need to click the microphone to activate the function.

People that I have spoken with in the Internet Marketing industry are still trying to figure out how this new speech recognition function will impact sales online.  It probably won’t change anything this early on but who knows what will happen in the future.

Below is a screenshot of this new tool in action.

Google Speech Recognition Example

If you have a microphone installed on your computer all you have to do is click on the microphone icon within the search box and say what you are searching for.

This is something that I saw coming from Google quite awhile ago because they already have a similar feature in Gmail.  Within Gmail you get a text based email along with your voicemail message when one is left by someone that calls you.

People with thick accents might have a problem using this feature because if you don’t enunciate properly the program will bring up the wrong word.  But all-in-all the technology works pretty well and I can see it only improving from here.

So the next time that you go to Google something and you have a microphone enabled, check this feature out.  It is a lot of fun to see just how accurate it is.

Have you tried Google’s new speech recognition feature?  Leave a comment and let me know how it went.



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