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Free Split Testing Trick

If you are already or are planning to market online you need to do some split testing in order to know what works.

Split testing is a necessary evil?  Yes it is.  It is boring and time consuming but it can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful website and/or business.

When you are split testing you are really just tweaking your content to get the very best response from the targeted audience that will see it.  If your goal is to go get opt-ins, then you want as many as possible.  If it is to get people to buy something, then it is to get as many buyers as you can.

Your split testing can be anything on a website.  It can be the headline, the sub-headline, graphics, colors, people happy, sad people, etc.  You want to find the very best and highest converting webpage possible.

I have a free split testing trick for you today that will save you tons of time and maybe even some lost customers.  It is called The Wayback Machine and the latest version is pictured below.

Wayback Maching Picture

This is a website that has literally archived billions of pages on the web.  So all you have to do is input the domain names of the competitors in your niche and check out the changes that they’ve made over the years.

If you haven’t already figured it out, this will greatly cut down on the amount of split testing that you will need to do because you will be able to see what they have tried in the past so you won’t have too.

Go check out The Wayback Machine and add this free tool to your bag of Internet Marketing tricks…


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