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PPC Landing Page

It used to be that you just needed a highly search engine optimized landing page only if you were working to get free traffic.  Now your PPC landing page needs to be optimized as if it were a free one.

A while ago Google cracked down on advertisers in the pay-per-click (PPC) markets in order to give their searchers a better all around user experience of higher quality searches.  What this did is require some SEO work even on a PPC landing page.

What this means is that even if you are paying for your traffic, you still have to do some SEO work anyway.  That was a little bit of a dagger thrown at the paid arena of advertisers by the big “G.”

Luckily the amount of SEO work that you have to do for your PPC landing page isn’t too much.  It is primarily business page links that you need to have clearly visible on the page.

The links that you need to have on your PPC landing page are at least Terms of Service, Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy and at times a Disclaimer.  Why, because Google and the other search engines that are now beginning to follow this change want to see that you are a legitimate business.

What this does is weed out the lower level, maybe even unscrupulous types of would-be marketers.  If it is Google, you can still pay to send traffic to your PPC landing page but sometimes they will raise your cost per click so high that it won’t be profitable for you to advertise.  Worst case scenario for Google Adwords is that they won’t approve your page, and the possibility exists that they will even ban you for life!

In the end, do a little SEO on your PPC landing page because a little more work now will save you a lot later on.


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Starting All Over Again?

This is a question that I get frequently.  What would you do if you were starting all over again from scratch to make money online?

I have answered the starting all over again question many times before but oddly enough the answer can change with time.  After the last couple of years I have tweaked it a bit.

What I mean by that is I have said in the past that I would begin again with list building as my number one focus.  Now I would slightly adapt starting all over again by saying that I would learn list building much faster and better by going to the Warrior Forum.

The Warrior Forum is the biggest Internet Marketing Forum on the net.  There are people there from all walks of life; from the very beginner to the ultra successful.  It is absolutely the best place to rise out of the ashes like a phoenix if you are starting all over again.

The reason that I feel that the Warrior Forum is a great place to get started is for two reasons.  They have what is called a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) and the War Room.

A WSO is where one of the forum members is offering a product for sale at a discounted rate to other members of the forum.  The product must be discounted in order to be offered to Warrior Forum members.

Then you have the War Room.  You have to pay a small fee now of $37 at the time of this post but it is a lifetime fee.  You also have to be a member of the War Room in order to offer a WSO.  In the War Room there are tons of free content that many people pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for outside of the forum.

You could go with a WSO or some information that you get from the War Room about list building.  List building is the way to go because you are building an asset that will continue to pay you over and over again for a long time to come.

There you have it; if I were starting all over again in Internet Marketing I would focus on learning list building from a highly respected Warrior Forum member by way of a low cost, high value WSO or for free in the War Room.


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Free Keyword Research Tool

I speak with a lot of people that want to know what the best free keyword research tool out there is?

Right up there at the top of the list is SEM Rush, which is pictured below.

SEMRush.com Picture

At SEMRush.com you can enter a domain name, keyword or URL and it will give you more data than most people know what to do with.

I like using this free keyword research tool to check out competitors in my various niches and SEM Rush is great for this task.  You can put in a competitors domain name and find out what keywords that they are ranking for.

I’ve had people ask me why I would want to know that information.  The reason is that if a company has taken the time to rank for certain keywords in a particular niche for the organic search results, those are probably profitable keywords.

You see, most people have difficulty figuring out what keywords are buyer keywords.  It is very important to target buyer keywords because you don’t want to spend time and money targeting keywords that will only bring you tire kickers that only want to browse.  You want people to come to your site that are looking to buy.

So the free keyword research tool that I like best right now is SEM Rush.  They have a paid pro version but the free version works well enough for most people.

Do you like SEM Rush or do you prefer another free keyword research tool?  Leave a comment and let everyone know your preference.


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Why Free Traffic?

This post was supposed to be up last Friday but I felt that the Google post needed to be put up.

Now I’m going to talk about the advantages of free traffic as opposed to paid traffic.

Paid traffic is lightning fast but the possibility always exists that you will lose your money.  This is probably one of the biggest deterrents when it comes to this type of traffic barring not having any money to spend.

Free traffic is much slower but after you put the work in it lasts longer.  The volume of traffic that you can receive will be much less for the most part unless you are able to rank for a highly competitive keyword phrase.  Ranking for highly competitive keyword phrases could take anywhere from a few months to a few years!  It all depends on what keywords you are targeting.

My recommendation is that you begin with something much easier.  Local search terms are much easier to rank for and they are the next big thing.  You can rank for keywords that get good traffic (at least 300 searches per month) and dominate the first page of the search engines.

Once you have your sites on the first page, you can monetize them with Google Adsense, direct joint venture agreements with local merchants or sell the sites outright.  The options are limitless, just use your imagination.

As for utilizing free traffic methods for affiliate marketing, don’t plan on it happening overnight.  You must be patient and don’t give up at the first signs of failure.  With free traffic you are the tortoise not the hare.  So plan on seeing results in months not days…


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Google +1 or Facebook “Like” Button?

What is Google’s new +1 feature that we are beginning to see?  Take a quick look at Google’s explanation in the video below and then read on.

Does the Google’s +1 look familiar?  It is just like the Facebook “Like” button in my opinion.

Google is attempting to connect people that like the same things socially.  By it being launched in their search engine as well as on individual websites, it has the potential to be even bigger than the “Like” button.

Unfortunately in the past Google has failed to produce something themselves that grows virally; an example is the failure of Google Buzz compared to the success of Facebook and Twitter.

That is probably why they prefer to acquire other companies that show promise.  Unfortunately for them they just don’t do well with social media.  Just look at what happened after they acquired MySpace.  It has pretty much gone from a social site to surviving on music alone.

What impact do you see Google’s new +1 feature having on the internet?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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