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PPC Landing Page

It used to be that you just needed a highly search engine optimized landing page only if you were working to get free traffic.  Now your PPC landing page needs to be optimized as if it were a free one.

A while ago Google cracked down on advertisers in the pay-per-click (PPC) markets in order to give their searchers a better all around user experience of higher quality searches.  What this did is require some SEO work even on a PPC landing page.

What this means is that even if you are paying for your traffic, you still have to do some SEO work anyway.  That was a little bit of a dagger thrown at the paid arena of advertisers by the big “G.”

Luckily the amount of SEO work that you have to do for your PPC landing page isn’t too much.  It is primarily business page links that you need to have clearly visible on the page.

The links that you need to have on your PPC landing page are at least Terms of Service, Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy and at times a Disclaimer.  Why, because Google and the other search engines that are now beginning to follow this change want to see that you are a legitimate business.

What this does is weed out the lower level, maybe even unscrupulous types of would-be marketers.  If it is Google, you can still pay to send traffic to your PPC landing page but sometimes they will raise your cost per click so high that it won’t be profitable for you to advertise.  Worst case scenario for Google Adwords is that they won’t approve your page, and the possibility exists that they will even ban you for life!

In the end, do a little SEO on your PPC landing page because a little more work now will save you a lot later on.


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