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Free Keyword Research Tool

I speak with a lot of people that want to know what the best free keyword research tool out there is?

Right up there at the top of the list is SEM Rush, which is pictured below.

SEMRush.com Picture

At SEMRush.com you can enter a domain name, keyword or URL and it will give you more data than most people know what to do with.

I like using this free keyword research tool to check out competitors in my various niches and SEM Rush is great for this task.  You can put in a competitors domain name and find out what keywords that they are ranking for.

I’ve had people ask me why I would want to know that information.  The reason is that if a company has taken the time to rank for certain keywords in a particular niche for the organic search results, those are probably profitable keywords.

You see, most people have difficulty figuring out what keywords are buyer keywords.  It is very important to target buyer keywords because you don’t want to spend time and money targeting keywords that will only bring you tire kickers that only want to browse.  You want people to come to your site that are looking to buy.

So the free keyword research tool that I like best right now is SEM Rush.  They have a paid pro version but the free version works well enough for most people.

Do you like SEM Rush or do you prefer another free keyword research tool?  Leave a comment and let everyone know your preference.


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