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Why Free Traffic?

This post was supposed to be up last Friday but I felt that the Google post needed to be put up.

Now I’m going to talk about the advantages of free traffic as opposed to paid traffic.

Paid traffic is lightning fast but the possibility always exists that you will lose your money.  This is probably one of the biggest deterrents when it comes to this type of traffic barring not having any money to spend.

Free traffic is much slower but after you put the work in it lasts longer.  The volume of traffic that you can receive will be much less for the most part unless you are able to rank for a highly competitive keyword phrase.  Ranking for highly competitive keyword phrases could take anywhere from a few months to a few years!  It all depends on what keywords you are targeting.

My recommendation is that you begin with something much easier.  Local search terms are much easier to rank for and they are the next big thing.  You can rank for keywords that get good traffic (at least 300 searches per month) and dominate the first page of the search engines.

Once you have your sites on the first page, you can monetize them with Google Adsense, direct joint venture agreements with local merchants or sell the sites outright.  The options are limitless, just use your imagination.

As for utilizing free traffic methods for affiliate marketing, don’t plan on it happening overnight.  You must be patient and don’t give up at the first signs of failure.  With free traffic you are the tortoise not the hare.  So plan on seeing results in months not days…


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