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Why Paid Traffic?

Most people that start out in Internet Marketing (IM) naturally gravitate towards free traffic methods because their funds are usually limited.  The only problem with this is that the free methods take more personal time to implement and longer to see results than most people have the patience for.

When these same people hear about the incredible speed of paid traffic methods they let them pass by because of the fear of losing money during the testing process.  If your time is limited and you need to get something going quickly, paid traffic doesn’t have to be that expensive.

There are methods out there that can get you really cheap traffic.  You can get people to your website or to an affiliate website for as little as a penny.  I know that it seems as if the times of really cheap traffic have passed us by but if you know the right system it is still possible to get it today.

My suggestion is to follow someone in the IM space that you really respect and who has a lot of integrity.  Get yourself a paid traffic mentor to guide you so that you don’t make that many mistakes on your journey to financial freedom.

I know individuals right now, from up and comers to gurus, that are absolutely killing it with paid traffic.  They keep their costs low and their return on investment high.  With paid traffic you do more campaign monitoring than labor.  So it is up to you how you wish to go about making money online.

On Friday I’m going to flip to the advantages of free traffic methods that take more time to implement but are beneficial for those that want to go that route.  Be sure to come back in a couple of days to get the other side of the story…


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