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Passive Income Online

The holy grail of Internet Marketing is the fulfillment of passive income online.  You can ask anyone that understands anything about making money online and they’ll tell you that their number one goal is a set and forget income stream.

Today you are in luck!  I’m going to tell you about one such way to make passive income online.  There is one critical piece of this puzzle that I challenge anyone to dispute, and that is that it requires some work.

I know that the word “work” is a dirty four letter word for a lot of people but it is absolutely necessary if you are going to create a set and forget passive income online.  The key is to make the work as simple as possible, rinse and repeat.

Now I give you the Kindle.  Why the Kindle?  Selling eBooks on the Kindle is the easiest way to make a truly passive income online.  In this post I’m going to give you the basic steps on how to do it.

The easiest and fastest way to make a decent amount of money with the Kindle is use Private Label Rights (PLR) eBooks because they are already written and can be edited very quickly.  If you want to write your own books you can but it will most likely take you much longer to make any worth while income because this method is about volume and not hit publishing.

You should stick to niches like Health & Fitness, Hobbies & Crafts, Entertainment & Sports, Cooking Recipes and Current Events.  These are the categories that sell well on the Kindle and will help you reach your goal of a passive income online.  The Internet Marketing niche does not do well so try it if you want to but you have been warned.

Next is getting setup with an account.  Good news, if you have an Amazon account you can be a Kindle publisher!  Just go to kdp.amazon.com and either sign in or sign up.  Once you do it is a good idea to visit the Amazon KDP support page for complete instructions on how to upload and publish books on Kindle.

At this point it is all about volume.  Upload hundreds even thousands of eBooks and this will create a great passive income online for you in no time!  The best part is that you only upload the books once but they keep working for you on autopilot for years to come.

A Tip: Keep your eBooks priced under 5 bucks because at that price point it is an impulse buy.  Kind of like that candy bar at the checkout line at the grocery store.

Do you make a good passive income online?  Leave a comment and tell us your story.

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