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Garbage Magnet?

Do you know what a garbage magnet is?  No, it does not have anything to do with the trash.  It actually has a lot to do with complaining.

A couple of years back I was watching public access television (yes I do watch public TV sometimes) and multi-millionaire T. Harv Eker was on.  He spoke about many different things during the program like people’s money blueprint and how most people don’t grow themselves into a large container that can hold lots of money.

The program was very interesting to say the least but what really struck me to the core was when he talked about being a great big garbage magnet when you complain.  Those who complain don’t understand that when you complain you are aligning negatives in the universe up with you.  I know, I know, you are probably thinking that I am starting to sound like those self-help guru types but I like to believe that it can be proven scientifically.

It is a scientific fact that our bodies contain electricity.  The electrical impulses in the brain fire with everything that we do.  When you constantly put out negative thoughts accompanied by negative feelings, those negative impulses fire off and attracts more negative to you.

A really good example of this is when you get up on the wrong side of the bed.  Once you have established that you are in a bad mood, it’s hard to break isn’t it?  You go into work with a look of anger and everyone that sees you wants nothing to do with you because they can see it all over your face.  So those negative feelings are attracting even more bad things to happen because your body language is sluggish and you spill coffee on yourself and get even more pissed!

What people don’t seem to understand is that you have control over this.  When you first see the signs that things are not going your way decide to not let anything bother you and focus on everything positive around you.

Most of all don’t complain because complaining makes you into a great big garbage magnet!  T. Harv Eker says that if you want to break the cycle of negative you shouldn’t complain for 7 full days.  Why 7 days?  It is because garbage travels really slowly and it will take 7 days to get clear of it.

If you want to be successful and make money online or make lots of money in general you need to always think positively or success will never be within your reach.  That is why I believe that success loves speed!  With speed everything is within your reach.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you need cleansing from being a garbage magnet.

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