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Did The Google Change Affect You?

Last week Google changed their algorithm once again and this time their target is content farms.  While they wouldn’t specifically say that they were targeting a specific business, many speculate that their target was Demand Media.

Demand Media amasses written content from hundreds of freelance writers.  They create “how to” content for sites like eHow.com.  Google is now saying that they won’t tolerate that type of content any further.

Google says that if your content doesn’t benefit their searchers in a positive way your site’s rankings will be negatively impacted in their search results.  They are doing this in a move to make sure that the people that search Google find what they are looking for quicker and always return to them because they did.

What does this mean to us as Internet Marketers?  Make sure that you put out great quality content that you would send your own mother to if she were looking for information that you wrote about.

Another thing that you need to watch is where your links are coming from.  If Google sees that a lot of your backlinks are coming from sites with bad content, that shiny new algorithm could pass those bad marks on to your site as well.

The moral of the story here is to provide value to everyone that might come across your content.  The Internet is littered with trash and just like you wouldn’t want to be near the smell, it is painful for the mind to have to process the trashy content that your eyes see.

Where you affected by Google’s change?  Leave me a comment and tell your story.


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