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You Don’t Need Website Traffic?

You don’t need website traffic?  Well maybe I should rephrase that to say, “Product owners don’t need to generate their own website traffic.”

What I mean is that most people that want to make money online but haven’t yet spend most of their time either trying to generate traffic or worrying about how to get it.  They think that getting traffic to their website(s) is all that they need and is the only answer to their online money making problems.

There is another way that you can go about getting traffic to your website(s) that doesn’t involve traffic generation.  The better way to make a lot of money online is to let the traffic experts in their respective fields do the traffic generation work for you.  How do you do that?  You create a good product and test your conversion funnel until you have very high earnings per click (EPC).

EPC just simply means that if they were to send you 100 potential customers, you would divide the total earnings by the number of visitors to a given website.  A simple example would be if you had a $1,997.00 product and 100 people were sent to the website by a particular affiliate.  If only 1 of those 100 converted into a sale of the product the gross EPC would be $19.97.  If the affiliate program pays out at 50% the net EPC for the affiliate is $9.99.  EPC = Profit ÷ Clicks × 100

Not just affiliates but super affiliates are always looking for products and services that convert well and will make them a lot of money if they were to promote them.  If you have a high EPC than you will never have to worry about getting traffic to your website(s).  Affiliates and joint venture partners will send you all of the traffic that you can handle…


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