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YouTube Poop and Local Business?

I know, when I heard the term “YouTube Poop” I was shocked as well.  I accidentally came across it when doing some keyword research and found that it has over 90,000 global monthly searches.

After I got over my shock, I took a look to see what YouTube Poop is.  It is a bunch of pieced together clips of media to form a comical skit of some sort.

First I saw a skit of SpongeBob blowing up every few seconds that had over a million views, and then I watched one about a violent video game that was toned down for kids (not really toned down if you know what I mean?) that had over 14 million views.

As a marketer I took a look to see if these people were driving this apparent YouTube Poop to any particular website.  At first it didn’t look promising but then I found a video of the movie 300 interacting with the SpongeBob character named Patrick.

The video didn’t look to be sending anyone anywhere but then, as I normally do, I looked in the description and there is a link to a Spartas Pizza website.  This YouTube Poop video does have a purpose because it has been viewed over 2 million, three hundred thousand times!

So what is the moral of this post?  Even YouTube Poop sells…

Have you seen any good YouTube Poop?  If you have, share what you’ve seen in the comments.


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