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Did The Google Change Affect You?

Last week Google changed their algorithm once again and this time their target is content farms.  While they wouldn’t specifically say that they were targeting a specific business, many speculate that their target was Demand Media.

Demand Media amasses written content from hundreds of freelance writers.  They create “how to” content for sites like eHow.com.  Google is now saying that they won’t tolerate that type of content any further.

Google says that if your content doesn’t benefit their searchers in a positive way your site’s rankings will be negatively impacted in their search results.  They are doing this in a move to make sure that the people that search Google find what they are looking for quicker and always return to them because they did.

What does this mean to us as Internet Marketers?  Make sure that you put out great quality content that you would send your own mother to if she were looking for information that you wrote about.

Another thing that you need to watch is where your links are coming from.  If Google sees that a lot of your backlinks are coming from sites with bad content, that shiny new algorithm could pass those bad marks on to your site as well.

The moral of the story here is to provide value to everyone that might come across your content.  The Internet is littered with trash and just like you wouldn’t want to be near the smell, it is painful for the mind to have to process the trashy content that your eyes see.

Where you affected by Google’s change?  Leave me a comment and tell your story.


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Mini Websites Are All The Rage?

Mini websites are all the rage now due to the extreme popularity of products like Google Sniper and Profit Instruments.

A synopsis of these mini websites is that they only focus on one specific keyword phrase or product name in order to rank highly in search engines like Google.

The reason for this is simple; it is much easier to get mini websites ranked for one specific keyword phrase than it is for multiple keyword phrases.  The result is a laser targeted site that will rank high because it gives the searcher a better user experience.

If you want to make money online this is one of the best ways to get started.  Mini websites are very easy to build and can get ranked literally within days of being set up.

You can either go for National or International keyword phrases but the easiest and fastest way to get started is to go local!  Building mini websites for local keyword phrases is still in its infancy and is very lucrative due to the low competition right now.

An easy way to make money building mini websites in the local market is to get your sites ranked at the top of Google and then lease the space out to local businesses.  This method is much less expensive for the local business than a yellow pages ad but more effective because people are using telephone books less and less as the Internet continues to grow.

Whatever path you choose to make money online, you need to incorporate mini websites into your business plan because it is a true goldmine.


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You Don’t Need Website Traffic?

You don’t need website traffic?  Well maybe I should rephrase that to say, “Product owners don’t need to generate their own website traffic.”

What I mean is that most people that want to make money online but haven’t yet spend most of their time either trying to generate traffic or worrying about how to get it.  They think that getting traffic to their website(s) is all that they need and is the only answer to their online money making problems.

There is another way that you can go about getting traffic to your website(s) that doesn’t involve traffic generation.  The better way to make a lot of money online is to let the traffic experts in their respective fields do the traffic generation work for you.  How do you do that?  You create a good product and test your conversion funnel until you have very high earnings per click (EPC).

EPC just simply means that if they were to send you 100 potential customers, you would divide the total earnings by the number of visitors to a given website.  A simple example would be if you had a $1,997.00 product and 100 people were sent to the website by a particular affiliate.  If only 1 of those 100 converted into a sale of the product the gross EPC would be $19.97.  If the affiliate program pays out at 50% the net EPC for the affiliate is $9.99.  EPC = Profit ÷ Clicks × 100

Not just affiliates but super affiliates are always looking for products and services that convert well and will make them a lot of money if they were to promote them.  If you have a high EPC than you will never have to worry about getting traffic to your website(s).  Affiliates and joint venture partners will send you all of the traffic that you can handle…


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Accept Payments Online

If you want to accept payments online, today it is easier than ever before.  Some would say that is not true but it is.  There are tons of companies out there like PayPal, Alert Pay, 2checkout and many more.

To accept payments online all you have to do is want to pretty much and you can but there is some debate about the PayPal types of processors.  Even though PayPal is huge and is owned by the mega giant eBay, some internet marketers say that they are frowned upon by the general population.  They say that it looks unprofessional and that you will get lower conversions if you accept payments online this way.

So if you don’t use companies like PayPal to accept payments online than who do you use?  You can go with your own merchant account through companies like Authorize.net but if you can’t pass the screening process you have a very good chance of being denied.

Ultimately you have to decide what is best for you and really do your homework as to the needs of your business.  You can accept payments online through PayPal and have the security of never seeing the customer’s credit card information, which protects the customer and removes you from liability.  If you do go with a merchant account you must pass a screening process and assume the liability of seeing the customer’s credit card information but you will possibly have higher conversion rates on purchases due to a higher level of professionalism.

My two cents is this; accept payments online via PayPal first to get started and after you are established move up to your own merchant account.  Success loves speed and if you wait to get started, you might never do anything.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you will accept payments online?


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Interview An Expert For Quick Cash!

You are reading this post on my blog because you are interested in making money online.  Today I’m going to give you a great strategy to make some money online and all you have to do is interview an expert.

Chances are you have heard of Clickbank, which is the biggest digital marketplace online.  It is there where we will interview an expert.

Either some or most of you will probably say that you wouldn’t even know where to start if you were going to interview an expert.  I say that it’s much easier than you think and very profitable.

To interview an expert in a certain field, you don’t even need to know what to ask them.  You just ask the expert to tell you the questions that he or she gets asked the most, which equates to most commonly asked questions.

Then all you have to do to interview an expert is to use Skype and record the conversation with software like Pamela.  Now that you have the interview you just need 4 things; an autoresponder account like Aweber (has a $1 trial), hosting from someone like Hostgator (has first month of unlimited hosting for 1 cent with the code: almostfree for the baby plan), a free HTML editor like NVU and a domain name (Go Daddy or Name Cheap).

From this point the process is quite easy; all you have to do is focus!  Your interview with an expert will begin with the Skype recording.  Then you create the squeeze page using your HTML editor and hosting account with your Aweber autoresponder optin form embedded on it.

Next you will contact the product owner/expert that you interviewed and ask him or her to send an email out to their non-buyers list about the interview.  This technique will get you the much coveted FREE traffic to your squeeze page.  The product owner will be happy to do this for you because the product that you are promoting is his/hers.  You capture some leads and use your autoresponder to remind the leads about the interview in subsequent follow-up emails, which will continue to drive more free traffic to your interview page that has your affiliate link embedded on it.

That’s it!  You now have a system to interview an expert for some quick cash.  Just rinse and repeat.  The most that you will probably spend on this is less than 15 bucks to get started but you stand to make much more…

Are you able to interview an expert?  Let me know in the comments.


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