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The Thirty Seven Dollar Rash?

I know, I know, the thirty seven dollar rash?  Sounds gross I know but that is what I think about all of the $37.00 products that have just exploded on Clickbank lately.

Have you seen them?  They all have the same setup; big red headline up top, video to the left below and the $37.00 buy now button to the right of the video.

They also have the exit pops from hell!  You try to click out of these things and you just get caught in a maze.  Now that most of these guys can no longer use Google Adwords, they have increased the exit pop epidemic.

I really feel bad for people that are being taken in by all of these types of products.  They use top level copywriters that could make people buy ice cubes in Alaska in the winter time.  It’s bad enough that these copywriters could convince people to buy $2,000 products in droves but now they are being used on products that are only $37.00.  Who could resist with such a low barrier of entry right?

The moral of this story is don’t be taken in by these snake oil salesmen.  If they are really making the hundreds of thousands of dollars per month with only 13 clicks of their computer mouse, they wouldn’t be selling it to you.

Have you purchased one of these products and if so, what was your result?  Your comments are welcome…

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