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Backlink Checker Tool

Everything in the Internet Marketing world seems to come full circle and the thing that online marketers are starting to talk about again is backlinking.  New products are springing up left and right.

What is a backlink for those of you that don’t know?  In actuality it is a one-way link from another website to your website.  It is one of the major contributing factors that search engines take into account when ranking/scoring your website’s relevance to any given topic.

When say, “Google” crawls your website with their internet spiders to find out what it’s about, they are also looking to see how many other websites are linking to you from their websites.  Not only do they look for any website links but how relevant the linking website’s content is to your website but how high a page rank (PR) that site has, which in turn helps the PR of your website.

Without getting too deep in this short post, a lot of websites linking to your website is good but websites with a high PR (scored 0-10) is much better.  After a lot of research by a lot of really good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts they have estimated that 555 PR 1 backlinks is equivalent to only 1 PR 5 backlink!

Now knowing that this is the case, you would think that you should go out and only get high PR backlinks right?  No!  Your link building campaign should always look natural to the search engines and that includes getting all different types and levels of links.

One good way to do this is to find your competitors and find out where their backlinks are coming from.  A good way to do this is with a good backlink checker tool.  I like Backlink Watch.  It is free and is web based.  All you have to do is put in a website URL and it will tell you where that website’s links are coming from.  Great right?

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