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Virtually Nothing Is Impossible!

From time to time people tend to get down on themselves and believe that whatever they are trying to do is impossible.  I won’t tell you that I have never felt this way but I have trained myself to quickly overcome these types of thoughts.

Below is a video that I found on YouTube that I believe everyone should watch.  These people will make you believe that anything is possible.  So the next time that you get down on yourself remember that if you really want it, you need to give it everything you’ve got and go get it!

Incredible right?  I like the guy that runs across the water!  Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite part is.


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Black Friday

Black Friday this year is crazy!  Never before have I seen some many deals and so many stores open so early.  Some like Walmart didn’t even close in some areas.

So how does this tie into Internet Marketing?  It is marketing at its finest.  Many retail establishments won’t even see profits until today.  Can you believe that?  That is why it’s called Black Friday, because their books will finally show a profit for the year.

Shop, shop, shop people!  This is the best time to buy and get a good deal.  Besides that it will help the struggling economy and we all know how much that needs help right now.

I won’t take up much more of your time and if you are reading this after you already went shopping, I hope that you found all of the best deals and got what you wanted…

Let me know about all of the great things that you got on Black Friday in the comments section.


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How To Make A Fortune With Syndicated Traffic

One thing about the Internet Marketing business is that you always need traffic to make money online.  Without traffic you are figuratively dead in the water…

There is a lot of different ways to drive traffic to a website both free (SEO, articles, joint ventures, etc.) and paid (PPC, PPV, email drops, etc.) methods.  Both are extremely effective but the one that I really like is syndicated traffic.

Syndicated traffic is where you place your ads on other people’s thank you pages.  This type of traffic is extremely powerful because your ads are smack dab in front of someone who just made a purchase and probably haven’t even put away their credit card yet!

Now listen up because I’m going to give you a really great tip to doing this effectively without spending a dime if you have your own product already.  In my example I’m going to use Clickbank as the payment processor and affiliate management platform.

Use a banner for your product offering something of high perceived value for free to entice the proven buyer to click on your thank you page ad.  Give them this freebie to build a buyers list without them ever having to buy anything from you in the beginning.

Important: For this method to work correctly you need to be sure that the domain that the prospect lands on is the same one that your targeted product is a part of so that the Clickbank affiliate (the person who’s thank you page your ad was on) gets future credit for the sale when one is made.

After you’ve captured this new proven buyer lead, you need to continue to provide great content, value and then promote your products.  When a sale is made, Clickbank will automatically give credit to the affiliate and will even take care of paying him/her.

Syndicated traffic is one of the best ways to drive free traffic and make sales because it comes with an implied endorsement because it was on the thank you page of someone that the purchaser knows, likes and trusts.

Can you make a fortune with syndicated traffic?  Please leave a comment with your answer…


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Missing Key To Success

Many people struggle for years and most never make it.  Have you ever thought that there is some kind of missing key to success?  What is it that those who achieve success have that those who don’t, do not have?

There are absolutely too many different contributing factors to be able to nail down just one, two or even three for that matter…

So instead of making the mistake of trying to tell you what you are doing wrong, which is keeping you from success; I’ll give you an option that you might not have thought of that could very well help you to succeed.

Are you ready?  Get a partner!

We all know when we are slacking or not completely doing what we know we should be doing to succeed.  Sometimes we need someone else to hold us accountable, and that’s a partner.

I’ll give you an example of two guys that I saw separately but when they combined, they absolutely exploded and now make millions online.  That is Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker.

These two guys have had hit after hit products on Clickbank in only about eighteen months or so and they don’t even live on the same continent.  Adeel lives in the UK and Bobby in the US.

Now that they have had massive success together, I see them venturing out on separate projects.  That is not a bad thing because the partnership did what it was supposed to do and that was to give each other support and follow-through.

Is a partner the answer to your online success?  Let me know what you think in the form of a comment.

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How To Get Accepted Into A CPA Network

Previously I wrote a post on the CPA market.  It has been around for quite awhile but really exploded in the eyes of the Internet Marketing community in 2009.  Even now in 2010 it is still bigger than ever!

A lot of money can be made using CPA but you can’t make any money if no network will accept you.  So I’m going to tell you a few simple steps on how to get accepted.

1. Know your terminology

Let’s face it.  Even if you are a newbie to online marketing you need to know the basic terminology like Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Earnings Per Click (EPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Banner Advertising, Email Marketing, Media Buys, etc.

2. Be willing to speak with someone at the network

Often times you will need to speak with someone at the CPA Network.  Either they will call you or you will need to call them in order to complete your application.  This is where being well versed in Internet Marketing lingo comes in handy.

3. Own your own website that is live

It really helps if you have an active website that is up and running so you can show them when they ask.  A website that you own ads validity to your request for approval and if they ask about the amount of traffic that your site receives each month tell them about 10 to 15 thousand “uniques”.  Unique visitors are people that come to your website from a specific IP address and is counted only once for that month.  If the same person returns within the same month from the same IP address it is counted as a hit but not as a unique visitor.  This lingo will have you in like Flynn!

4. Your preferred traffic method

Tell them that you usually drive traffic through PPC and Media Buys (A Media Buy is when you broker a direct deal with another website owner to advertise on their website for a predetermined amount of time for a negotiated price).  This lets them know that you have the ability to drive traffic to any of their offers immediately because paid traffic is very fast traffic.

There you have it.  I hope that this helps you get going in the CPA game as soon as possible because once you’re in you’re in.  Good Luck!

If you found this post informative, be sure to leave me a comment.

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