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Are You A Human Lottery Ticket?

I know that the title of this post is quite strange but keep reading and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

Are you a human lottery ticket, let’s find out.  By most people’s definition a lottery ticket is a chance to win a whole lot of money for the very low risk of only a dollar.  One big problem with the lottery is that so many people are playing in order to get that pot up into the millions that it is very hard to win because of your odds.

Lets remember that if the jackpot is $100,000,000 that it took millions of people each contributing at least a dollar apiece in order to get it that high.  Now what do you think your chances are of being the one person or persons to pick the winning numbers?  Pretty low huh?

But now let us examine a different kind of lottery, the one within you.  It amazes me how many more people believe in plopping down a dollar after dollar on a game of chance vs. believing in themselves or someone else.

In the case of Internet Marketing, just tell someone how you want to make a living (if you are just starting out) and they will think that you are dreaming or even tell you to get a real job.

The average person doesn’t realize that as an Internet Marketer you can write your own ticket for success!  You don’t have to rely on a game of chance in order to become wealthy.

All you have to do is learn how to drive tons of targeted traffic to an offer (your own product or as an affiliate of someone else’s) and you are set for life…  Learn how to build an email mailing list and it’s like getting a license to print money!

So the moral of this story is if you are an aspiring Internet Marketer you are a human lottery ticket whether other people around you know it or not.  Learn your craft, never give up and your odds of hitting the jackpot are really high.

Do your friends and family believe in your chances of success?  Leave a comment and share your story.


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