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Blog Spam – Why Must We Live With It?

Today I’m going to talk about that dirty four letter word, “spam.”

That’s right, spam is everywhere but why must we live with it.  As far as blogs go we must live with it because of the fact that other people want credit for links back to their websites for SEO purposes and we want people to comment on our blogs for SEO purposes.

This is a never ending battle.  I saw a forum post from a guy the other day that talked about how he had to erase 1,000 spam comments.  Now that is a real time waster!

So why even allow comments if we have do deal with comment spam?  The reason is that you need comments so that the search engines feel that your blog is active with many visitors visiting and that it is popular.

One thing that helps blogs climb the search engine rankings ladder is to have lots of visitors not only coming but also interacting.  The interaction part is very important to the search engines; you can’t just have great content.

On my worst day I probably had to erase about 50 spam comments even though I have anti-spam software in place.  But I can’t even imagine how many I would have had if I didn’t have anything to guard against it.

If you are going to become a blogger than you have to know that blog spam is a part of the game.  Just don’t let it frustrate you to the point where you want to quit because you could be giving up a great and satisfying business model.

Now here is where I usually ask for a comment but if you are a spam bot, just get the heck out of here… LOL!  If not then go ahead and leave one.

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