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What Are Your Internet Marketing Objectives?

Do you have any idea what your Internet marketing objectives are?  Well you should if you are going to get where you are going.

I know that you have heard this over and over again but you have to write things down.  This is not just some kind of mind game that you are playing with yourself.  It is letting your subconscious know that you mean business and that it is not just a passing thought.

I’m sure that you have had thoughts of success before and then went on to do nothing about it.  But when you write things down something happens that gives you a better chance to follow-through.  It’s the follow-through that gives life to whatever it is that you are trying to achieve.

The next thing that you have to remember is to be specific.  You just can’t say that you want to be really successful or want to make a lot of money because there’s no path.  When you are specific a course of action develops for you to follow so that you can at the very least get started on the road where you want to go.  The road will most likely change by the time you get to your destination but if you never stop you will eventually get there.

Always surround yourself with people that are successful or at the very least have a burning desire to become successful.  Naysayers will do nothing but bring you down.  They don’t want to try and they don’t want you to try in fear that you will succeed and leave them behind.

The last thing that I will say in this post about this subject is to never ever give up!  It is the most important thing that I could possibly say.  There are actually different levels of surrender but the one that I’m talking about here is in your heart.  You can give up in your conscious mind and shrug it off but when the heart gives up your subconscious mind will follow.  If you know anything about the subconscious mind you should know that when it gives up it’s OVER!

So what are your internet marketing objectives?  I’d really like to read about them in the comments so let me know.


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