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Internet Marketing Help – You’ve Got It Here

I created this blog to help those in need of Internet Marketing help.  This is a topic that is so big that it will literally take years to talk about everything.

So today I thought that I’d talk about direct response marketing and how it differs from regular marketing.

It’s funny, if you want to see a strange blank stare on someone’s face just tell them that you are an Internet Marketer.  Some will act like they know what that is and some will ask you what that is.

You see direct response marketing is very different than the traditional marketing that you see everyday.  Large companies spend big bucks to brand their name all over the place.  Once everyone and their dog have been programmed by their constant presence in the marketplace you will buy their products the next time that you are at the grocery store.

Now on the other hand direct response marketing is currently the red-headed stepchild of the marketing world.  Most traditional marketers believe that direct response marketing is a joke even though the top marketers in our field make millions in a single day!

How direct response differs is that it specifically targets one single product or service at a time.  It spotlights that one thing to people that are interested and looking for it, usually through search engines.

The bottom line is that Internet Marketing help is all around you if you need it and you have it here on my blog along with many others out there (but keep coming to this one, lol).

What has your experience been when you tell people that you want to be an Internet Marketer?  Leave a comment and tell me your story.


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