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10 Easy Email Subject Line Tips – Part 2

Tip #6: Be mindful of email filters.

There is a definite difference between “spammy” and “catchy.”  Be sure to check out your emails with a content checker (Aweber has one built in) to catch words that would cause your emails to end up in a bulk or junk email folder.  With a content checker you will know beforehand if your email would make it into the inbox or not.

Tip #7: You can lead but never mislead.

You don’t want to offer a special that the subscribers would find hard to follow through with in order to get a benefit or special offer.  Never promise more than what the email can deliver or stretch the truth.  It will cause the readers to click the spam button because they distrust you when the subject line doesn’t line up with the email’s content.

Tip #8: Test early and test regularly.

Writing an email subject line should be one of the first things that you consider when creating a campaign, but far too often it is the last.  A lot of people hurry on this critical step.  As you plan your campaign always think of the subject lines first and let it shape the emails.  It will definitely sharpen your campaign’s focus and make it more cohesive.

Tip #9: Review your last several campaigns subject lines for performance.

Look for the highest click-through rates, most conversions, average sale per order, etc.  Find the email subject lines that performed the best for the actions that you wanted the subscribers to take.

Tip #10: Make sure you continue the conversation.

You need to continue the conversation with your readers by sending emails more frequently that just monthly or quarterly.  You should use tracking reports to see what their hot-buttons are, what it is that gets them to open emails quickly and clicking on the links inside.  Then use those key words or issues where appropriate.  Put those words in the first or second position of the subject lines to capture the attention of your subscribers.


That concludes the two part series of my 10 easy email subject line tips.  If you would like to contribute, just leave me a comment and let’s discuss it.

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10 Easy Email Subject Line Tips – Part 1

Tip #1: Learn from newspaper headlines.

Great email subject lines can easily be found just by reading your local newspaper.  In a limited amount of space a headline will place the spotlight on a story’s most important fact.  Therefore a good subject line should tell the reader what they can expect from the email.  It should tell them what is in it for them or an action that you want them to take.

Tip #2: There is no absolute method.

Sometimes one email campaign will kill and then tank the next time.  Up-sell offers shouldn’t be worded the same as a discount offer, and then a breaking-news announcement is even different still.

Your campaigns should stand out each time while still maintaining familiarity to the reader.  Don’t recycle email subject lines from an old campaign.  What works best?  I’ll cover that in the next tip.

Tip #3: Test, test and then test some more!

Keep testing all of the time to find out what styles and trends work well.  Try out different email subject lines.  Maybe give yourself an entire campaign-creation day to get the ideas flowing.

Tip #4: Subject line success is not always measured by a good open rate.

Another way to judge a successful subject line is by its conversions, that could mean clicks, opt-ins, downloads or sales.  If you look closely you might find that a particular email has a relatively low open rate but an unusually high sales-per-order rate.  That might possibly point to something in the subject line that had a strong appeal to a small segment of your email list.  If that happens, it would be worth taking a look at list segmentation so that you can cater to a more lucrative section of your prospects.

Tip #5: Action is driven by a sense of urgency.

Always set deadlines: “Your order must be in by midnight tonight;” “Final day to arrive by Christmas.”  When using urgency, make it a part of a planned email series.  For example on a Monday include: “Only 5 Days Left…” and then on that Thursday follow it up with: “Only 24 Hours…”.


I hope that you enjoyed the first part of my two part series on 10 easy email subject line tips.  Come back tomorrow for tips 6 through 10.

In the comments section let me know what you think about email subject lines.  I am always interested in what my readers have to say.

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Blog Spam – Why Must We Live With It?

Today I’m going to talk about that dirty four letter word, “spam.”

That’s right, spam is everywhere but why must we live with it.  As far as blogs go we must live with it because of the fact that other people want credit for links back to their websites for SEO purposes and we want people to comment on our blogs for SEO purposes.

This is a never ending battle.  I saw a forum post from a guy the other day that talked about how he had to erase 1,000 spam comments.  Now that is a real time waster!

So why even allow comments if we have do deal with comment spam?  The reason is that you need comments so that the search engines feel that your blog is active with many visitors visiting and that it is popular.

One thing that helps blogs climb the search engine rankings ladder is to have lots of visitors not only coming but also interacting.  The interaction part is very important to the search engines; you can’t just have great content.

On my worst day I probably had to erase about 50 spam comments even though I have anti-spam software in place.  But I can’t even imagine how many I would have had if I didn’t have anything to guard against it.

If you are going to become a blogger than you have to know that blog spam is a part of the game.  Just don’t let it frustrate you to the point where you want to quit because you could be giving up a great and satisfying business model.

Now here is where I usually ask for a comment but if you are a spam bot, just get the heck out of here… LOL!  If not then go ahead and leave one.

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Traffic Dojo Review

Traffic Dojo Banner

This is my Traffic Dojo Review.  If you would like to skip this review and visit the official website you can do so by following the link below.


Traffic Dojo was created by Christian Weselak.  He also created PPC Ninja another very successful pay-per-click product.

On Monday May 24, 2010 at 12 PM EST Christian is releasing Traffic Dojo and it is sure to be a big hit.  It will show a lucky few how to use alternate traffic sources other than Google.

So if you are among the people that Google kicked out of Adwords for good, you now have an alternative to them.  Actually, Christian will show you 5 other great sources of traffic.

You see he makes over $50,000 dollars per month with the traffic sources and even won a big contest with one of the CPA Networks to Costa Rica for being a top affiliate.


That is great and all but a lot of the gurus say that they make a lot of money but Christian proves it with a video of his bank accounts and the fact that he recently trained a guy to use the very same methods that he uses and his apprentice now makes over $10,000 a month!

There is just one thing that I don’t like is that all of the 5 CPA traffic methods are all paid.  I feel as though you need at lease one traffic method that is free until you get the hang of the paid methods.  But Christian is so good at these methods that he will show you how to get the traffic for mere pennies, which is about as close to free as you are going to get.

Visit the official website; check out the cool video and at the very least pick up some great information that he is giving away for free.


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Forum Marketing – Is it worth it?

There are a lot of people in forums these days.  It is both a way to socialize, learn and even a really good way to bring targeted traffic to your website.

So the question beckons, “is forum marketing worth your time?”  I would say a definitive “yes!”

There are very few ways that have such targeted traffic other than in forums.  If you are a part of one in a specific niche, than you know that everyone in there are all interested in the same thing.  If everyone is interested in the same thing, they are usually someone that will buy or have already purchased something related to what everyone is there talking about.

Just suppose that you have something to offer them.  How would you do it without turning off the other members?  You use a method of implicit and not explicit selling tactics.

This is done by using your forum signature link to your advantage by having it point to an offer of some kind that will make you some money.  It can be your own product or a product that you are an affiliate for.

Caution: Some forums won’t let you promote affiliate products unless you first go through a site that you own.  Each forum is different, so make sure to read the rules thoroughly and don’t just skim them.  They will kick you out if you break them.

Forum Marketing is still alive and well and can make you a lot of money and even kick off your Internet Marketing career with a bang!  The best thing about it is that you can get started for almost nothing, and when I say almost nothing I mean about $10.00 for a domain name and hosting.  There is usually no cost associated with forums so that part is free.

Do you drive traffic via forums?  Have a question or comment?  Let me know by leaving it in the comment box.


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