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What Does Internet Marketing Mean To You?

I was thinking yesterday about what Internet Marketing means to me and decided to make it into today’s post.

Online marketing is all about lifestyle and freedom of choice.  What I mean is that you can live paycheck to paycheck on a 9 to 5 job and in most cases it will keep you just over broke.

On the other hand if you have it in you to strive for a better life you can seek an online income that will eclipse that of a regular job in a matter of months if you do it right.

What you have to remember is to never take your eyes off of the prize.  This type of marketing has the potential to completely change your life.  It can have you relaxing on a beach or hitting the slopes anywhere in the world that you want to go, all the while still making money on autopilot.

The Internet Marketing lifestyle is the Holy Grail way of making money.  The hardest thing is not to quit!  What often happens more times than not is that people give up or become unfocused and that is the kiss of death to what might have been an excellent career online.

I heard a speech by Brian Tracy where he talked about getting in line and staying in line.  That just simply means that just like a buffet line, if you get in line and stay in line, you will get to the front where the good stuff is.  That is just like life, if you get in line and stay in line, you will get the rewards that life has to offer.

The problem is that most people get out of line or constantly jump in and out of line and all that does is make you keep having to start over again.  So get your butt in line and stay in line because just like in the buffet analogy, the only person that is going to make you get out of line is you.

I hope this post helped you.  So let me know what you think in the form of a comment.


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