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Small Business Can Change The World?

Small business can change the world because when they do well and prosper they hire more employees.  It would shock you to find out just how big this is.

Here in the US alone there are well over 25 million small businesses and most of them haven’t a clue of how to market online.  Many of them have been taken advantage of by online companies that provide online services but not the right kind of online services.  They end up getting a brochure looking website that doesn’t bring in any business.

What they need is an online presence that brings in business.  If they get more people and prospects calling them for business, then they would have to hire more people.  Let’s just say 20% of those 25 million plus businesses (5 million small businesses) each only hired just 1 more person.  That would be 5 million new jobs!  Now can you see how this would change the world?

Approximately 1 out of every 38 online marketers concentrate their efforts on helping small businesses succeed online.  If more of us decided to help small businesses we could contribute to getting the economy back on track and out of recession.  As you probably know already, when the US economy goes up the rest of the world will follow.

So if you are an online marketer, consider helping the small business person succeed and together we can change the world.

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