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Only 1 Failure Away From Success!

There have been many days that I have just wanted to stop and take time to smell the roses knowing that I have not yet made it to my ultimate goals.  But there is a very big problem that sets in when you do this and that is procrastination.

Procrastination can sneak up on you when you least expect it.  It will tell you that you are tired and that you want to rest, but is it really that you are tired or is it fear of completing a project and it fails?

I have found that a lot of the time it is not that we are lazy, it is that we are just afraid.  No one likes to put our heart and soul into something only to watch it crash and burn.  That is just human nature but we have to realize that failure is a part of the process.

What if we could all have a brief glimpse into the future and saw that we had become extremely successful but we don’t know how we did it.  Wouldn’t that give you an extreme boost of confidence to give whatever you are doing your very best effort?  I think it would!  But what if I told you that you would have to endure 100 failures before you got there, how would that make you feel?

Failure is a part of the process.  It helps us learn faster and more completely than any other way.  Why, because pain is a deterrent to help us remember not to do something that way again.  I know that I am getting a bit philosophical but it is what I believe.

So let’s end this post with set your goals and fail often but responsibly.  The number of times that each of us have to fail is different but just don’t stop!  You might be only 1 failure away from life-altering success that only people brave enough to endure the pain ever see.  Close your eyes, see your success and then fight like hell to achieve it!

What do you think?  As always, I’m ready to listen to your comments…

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