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How Much Do YouTube Bloggers Make?

This is a very interesting topic that I was thinking about the other day and decided to create a post about it.

The answer to the question of how much do YouTube bloggers make is not an easy one.  It depends on what they are blogging or as they say, “vlogging” about.  There is a ton of ways to monetize your videos but hands down you must get people from your video or YouTube channel to a website that you own.

You can monetize your videos by adding links in your description but remember, YouTube (AKA – Google) owns your account and they can cancel it at any time.  Even some of the biggest names on YouTube have run into problems from time to time.  That is why I advise everyone to move people from YouTube as quickly as possible so you have greater control over the people that watch you.

I have a YouTube marketing buddy that makes 5 and sometimes 6 figures per month utilizing YouTube properly.  But I will stress that most will never master this because they really don’t understand marketing vs. popularity.

YouTube popularity is the people that you see getting hundreds of thousands of views in only a few days!  Most of these people are YouTube celebrities and not marketers.  They don’t understand how to truly monetize their channels in order to cash in big…  Some do become YouTube partners and get a little bit of money through YouTube ad clicks but I haven’t heard of anyone buying a Ferrari from their proceeds yet, lol!

On the other end of the spectrum, you have YouTube Marketers that really know what they are doing.  These people don’t even have half of the views that the YouTube celebrities have but they clean up when it comes to monetizing their channels.  They do this by moving people from YouTube to their own website.  When people get to their sites they have the option to opt into their email list where they can be updated directly by that person.  Usually the marketer will have an excellent bribe to get them to opt in but that is an entirely different post that I will go over in the future.

So to cap this post off, you can make money on YouTube and a lot of it.  You just need to approach it the right way.  If you are or plan on going the celebrity route then you should learn how to market yourself correctly with the necessary tools on the backend that can really pay the bills.

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