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Email Marketing – Is it really necessary?

Is email marketing really necessary, the answer is a resounding yes!  If you want your business to last and even grow online you must build a list of prospects and customers.  Many business owners that I have spoken with spend their time trying to get new customers when they should be concentrating on the ones that they already have.

It is a fact that it costs much more to acquire a new customer than it does to get an existing customer to buy more from your business.  You always need new customers and should have plan in place to get them but you should have an even better plan in place for selling to repeat customers.

So if you are an online business, you need the contact information of your customers so that you can sell to them again and again.  One of the very best things that you could know about your customers is their lifetime worth to your business.  Once you know this stat you can place a sales funnel in place to market to them appropriately.

For the online business and offline businesses alike, you can market to your customers via email.  Never use the hard sell approach, build a good relationship by providing value.  It might be the use of free stuff and/or giving great discount coupons that they only receive if they are signed up to your email list of customers.  Treat your list of customers with respect and they will return the favor in the form of cash in your bank account.

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