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List Building – The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing?

A lot has been going around about email marketing lately.  Once Frank Kern released List Control it really brought the conversation to the forefront.  Now everywhere you look there is some kind of email marketing course coming out.

Personally I think that people should first focus on finding where their strengths are and start from there.  But what seems to happen is that when something big comes out, everyone gets sucked in and then jump on the bandwagon.

There are so many things that you can do to make money online before building an email list.  You just have to find something that really doesn’t feel like work to you and run with it!

I am going to keep this post short so I will only give you one example.  If you like graphics you could create website graphics for people who need it.  Then as you do a good job for other online businesses at a reasonable price the word would get out and then you will build a good customer base.  Essentially what you have just done is built a quality list of customers, AKA a list…

Email lists come in all forms and sizes and they don’t even need a formal autoresponder.  That can always come later.  Some will agree with me and some will not but one thing’s for sure, you just need to do something and get started or nothing will happen for you at all.

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