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A Lazy Way To Business Growth?

I saw a video blog post by Paul Lemberg where he talked about a lazy way to business growth.  In the video he explains how and why you need to make small changes to your business that can lead to big profits.

This works on a compounding principal much like the way that interest builds up on credit cards.  People think that you need to do things on a grand scale in order to see success but not only is that not necessary, for many it’s not even possible.

Doing things on a large scale takes a considerable amount of planning and implementation.  What that ends up doing is slowing down momentum and progress.  When you make small changes to your business, you can do them quickly and easily.

Money and success loves speed.  One thing that many people do is think that they have to have everything perfect before they implement anything.  All that does is keep you from doing anything or take too long before doing anything.  Make changes quickly, get the results and constantly move forward.

So the lazy way to business growth really isn’t that lazy at all, it’s just easier.  If you have been thinking about making a change in your business don’t wait, make a lot of small changes right now and watch them compound into great success for your business!

Have you experienced success with small changes?  If so I want to hear about them.  Your comments are always welcome.

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Make Money Stuffing Envelopes?

I just about lost my mind when I saw that people are still searching the Internet for topics like “make money stuffing envelopes.”

Maybe I should back up a bit.  I was looking in Google to see what people are searching for and came across the fact that 3,600 people per month are still looking up information on the subject.

People, don’t you know that you can’t make money doing this?  It is a scam that has been around ever since I can remember.  So let me just say, “You can’t make money with envelope stuffing.”

It is always a safe bet to know that something is a scam when it is worded like it is a job but they want you to pay for the shipping and handling before you get the opportunity to make any real money.

I once got taken for a ride on a scam with Native American jewelry assembly.  You needed to assemble tiny beaded jewelry that takes many hours just to assemble one and then you would only get paid about $2 for it.  When you did the math you were only making about 0.50 to 0.75 cents an hour.

The scam is that they know you will give up and they will keep your shipping and handling money for a nice profit.  When done in volume, they make out like gangbusters because what they really did was sell you an unassembled product for a nice profit!

So the moral of the story is that you can’t make money stuffing envelopes.  There are no shortcuts.  Whether you are trying to make money online or off, you need to be smart and do your homework.  Pay your dues by putting in the time that it takes to learn how to market and you will surely make it.

Have you had a bad experience with a scam offer?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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Your Article Marketing Plan

If you decide that you want to get started in Internet Marketing and you don’t want to break the bank with paid methods like PPC, than you need an article marketing plan.

You can utilize article marketing as a free strategy so that you can test the waters safely.  But don’t fall into the trap that most people fall into where they believe that they will see success quickly and when they don’t they give up.

With articles you must give it time and be consistent with submitting on a regular basis.  This method will increase your website traffic gradually and by a large amount if you work at it.

What you need is a plan.  Sit down and write it out.  I know that you probably believe that you don’t need to do this but trust me, you do!  Something mysterious happens when you write things down.  Things have a much better chance to come to life when placed in print.  I believe that it forces the subconscious to realize that you mean business and when it believes, anything is possible.

Your plan doesn’t have to be like homework.  It just needs to be a course of action.  You see, it’s the action that causes creation.  Make an outline of how many articles that you want to write per month.  Then break that down into days and then into how many articles you can write in an hour.

Then figure out how many articles that you can submit to the various article directories.  If you decide to create a lot of articles, submit a different article to each directory and target different anchor text keywords in each article.

Before you know it you will be getting a steady stream of traffic to your website and making sales of your own product or of an affiliate product.

Do you have questions about your article marketing plan?  If so, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to help you out as best as I can.


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Information Overload

When it comes to Internet Marketing, information overload is something that is very common.  What happens to people most of the time is a lack of focus because they get overwhelmed at all of the ways that you can make money online.

If you don’t have focus you will most likely go off in many different directions when you first begin to learn how online marketing works.  It’s hard not to because there are just so many different things that you can do.

So it is very important that when you decide to try and create an income online you briefly look at the different methods from free to paid and base your decision on what you are interested in and not whether or not you think that it makes the most money.

You won’t make money with any method that you don’t like because you have no passion and when you have no passion you only go through the motions and that just isn’t enough to succeed.

Take the time to sit down at your computer and commit yourself to learning just one method that you really enjoy and you will find that you will see progress much faster than if you let yourself get information overload by trying to learn about too many things at once.


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CPA Marketing – What is it?

CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action or to be more technical, Cost-Per-Acquisition.  It is when you as an affiliate get paid when you get a prospect or lead to do something.

There are different ways and types of actions that a lead must do before you get paid but the best thing is that you as the affiliate get to choose.

You can choose an offer where a person just needs to try a product on a free trial basis.  The person only pays shipping and handling of anywhere from $1 to about $5.  When the person takes the trial offer through your affiliate link, you get paid!  Some of these trial offer pay affiliates as much as $35 for each trial offer taken by the customer.

A lot of people ask how companies are able to pay an affiliate as much as $35 for per customer brought to them and the answer is simple.  The company knows how much each customer is worth to them, they have done their homework.  When an affiliate introduces a new customer to a company, the company takes that customer through a whole sales funnel process.

In the case of CPA, initially a customer gets re-billed for a product that they took a trial offer for but that’s not it.  That same customer is offered many other related backend offers to generate even more revenue from each customer.  So you see each customer has the potential to be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars to the company that created the original offer that they only paid you $35 for.  Now do you see how this is so lucrative?

This works the same way with lesser paying offers like zip or email submits.  What is a zip or email submit?  It is a model where the affiliate gets paid for providing leads but the customer doesn’t have to buy anything.  They just have to put in their email contact information or in the case of a zip submit their zip code.  Personally I like zip submits because you are literally getting paid for someone entering in the zip code where they live.  Now it is not $35, it is anywhere from .45 cents up to $3 and the same goes for email submits.

Zip and email submits are still very lucrative because they are much easier to get a lead to take action.  Just think if you used a method of paid traffic and you paid for 10,000 people to go to a zip submit offer about getting $250 in free groceries.  The paid traffic cost you .05 cents per click, which is a total expense of $500.  Of the 10,000 visitors that you send to the CPA website that only requires a zip code, 2,500 people put in their zip codes and the affiliate receives $1 per person, that’s $2,500.  So you spent $500 to make $2,500.  That’s a profit of $2,000 per day or $60,000 profit for just one month!  Can you say lifestyle change?  There are tons of affiliates doing this over and over again and you can do it too!  You just have to learn the methods and increase your skills.

Have a question about CPA?  Leave a comment.

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