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If I Could Hit the Redo Button on Internet Marketing…

In this post I am going to explore what I would do if I could start all over again but this time with the knowledge that I have now.  Right, I know what you’re thinking, “wouldn’t we all.”

Instead of trying to learn how to start marketing online through trial and error, I would immediately seek out a mentor.  With a mentor you get and encyclopedia of information right there for the asking.

You wouldn’t have to figure out what works and how to get it to work when you get stuck.  If you couldn’t figure something out after struggling with it, go to your mentor and chances are that he/she will know the answer or knows someone that does and can get that answer for you.

What this will do for you is eliminate the need to buy course after course trying to piece together the puzzle that is Internet Marketing.  Usually what happens to most people is that they get information overload.  Now this is a real time waster!  I can’t stress enough how much of your time and productivity that this will eat up.

You need to focus, focus, focus!  A mentor will help you with this because he/she has been there and done that.  When you begin to stray they will recognize it and help you get back on track.

Mentors will also help you find your strengths more quickly than you will on your own.  Sometimes we all believe that we know what we are best at but a lot of the time we don’t.

Lastly, it is my firm belief that you will find success much quicker with a mentor vs. trying to do it on your own.  Just think of it this way, if you bought tons of self taught courses they would probably end up costing you more than a mentor would in the long run.

Think about it…

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